Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cranial Band Avoided

On Wednesday Sophia had an appointment at the Head Shape Clinic at Children's Hospital. She has always had a tendency to look to her left, especially while sleeping. Over time she has developed a mild flat spot on her left side. While having Sophia's immunizations the health care nurse recommended I take her to the head shape clinic to see if she has tight neck muscles that prevented her from looking to the right freely. So off we went to the clinic. The Dr. and physiotherapist at the clinic were soo nice. They said because Sophia's adjusted age is only 4 months that we were in a good position to work on her head shape without the aid of a cranial band. Usually by the time they are 5 to 6 months the head starts to harden. Because Sophia was born 6 weeks early she was counted as a 4 month old. They gave us some new ways of holding her to strengthen her neck muscles and some tips to help her look right more often. By the way a cranial band would involve her wearing it for 23 hours a day for about 4 months! No thank you. She would basically look like Magneto from Xmen ( Also they cost $1,500 and are not covered by medical. However if she did have to wear one I would make it adorable and decorate it like a princess. So now EVERYTHING we do we do is on the right. I stripped her crib of her mobile and bumper pads (which I guess aren't safe anymore anyways, but they are cute!) Anything that would entice her to look left is gone. I went and bought her Fisher Price's "Ocean Wonders" which hangs on the side of the crib and is a little aquarium that plays music, has lights and a little fishy that squirms around. She LOVES it!! It even comes with a remote so I can sneakily activate it from the doorway. At her nap today I layed her down to watch her ocean wonderland and she actually nodded off to sleep without the aid of mommy!!!! I was ecstatic! I really hope she continues to be entertained by this deal-io. The main perk however is that it keeps her head looking to the right.

I always joked that Sophia was like Derek Zoolander. He couldn't turn left and Sophia can't look right. Or I sing Beyonce's hit "To The Left, To The Left"

Anyways joking aside we are soo happy we can still do something about Sophia's little misshapen head. Some babies have it so bad that their facial features are shifted or one side of their face is much broader than the other. The Dr. Said Sophia has no changes to her cute face. It's as perfect as can be. He said that she probably was looking to the left in the womb and she never broke her habit out in the real world. He did say however that MY head and face were a little crooked, ha.....nice!
Here is Sophia enjoying her "Ocean Wonders"

After she woke up from her nap...sleepy girl

No this is not a cranial's her tuque. We were getting ready to go for a walk

And I am throwing this one in just because it is ADORABLE....(again taken just before we went for a walk the other day)....

Friday, March 28, 2008

We Have A Teether In The House

Sorry for the delay in posting! I usually get on the computer after Sophia has gone to bed and all is calm in the Pearson household. However, for the last two nights Sophia has not stayed asleep. She will go down to sleep after her night time ritual which involves a bath, bottle and a snuggle. She usually stays asleep until around 2am. But the last few nights she has woken up every hour or every half hour. It is very frustrating for me and I know for her! I am sure she is teething. She cries a different cry than normal. It's an 'I'm in pain' cry and it breaks my heart. During the day she is her happy little self. She chews on her hands, toys, my face and anything she can get her mini hands on. She has also had a bit of a runny nose with no other cold symptoms and rosy cheeks. All tell tale signs of teething. I give her the recommended amount of Tylenol at night to help her sleep but it doesn't seem to help. Last night I ended up taking her into bed with me. I am sure I will do the same thing again tonight. She still wakes up mind you just not as often.

I met with a few of my mommy and me friends today. We gathered at the mall since it was a bit too chilly to go for a walk. Most of the babies are all Sophia's age and they ALL sleep through the night and have for months now. Arrg! No fair. All I want to know is HOW do all these other babies sleep all night. What am I doing wrong??? I rented out the whole 'How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night' section from my local library. Nothing helped. She is perfection by day, by night she is another story! Even when she is not teething she wakes up twice and is ready for action by 7am. Mommy however is NOT ready for action. If you know me you know I LOVE sleeeeeeping! I get my best sleep in the mornings, always have. I was passed on the genetic blessing of insomnia. So I fight for my sleep at night. Meanwhile Chris is blissfully snoring away.... another factor in my poor sleeping. So do you feel sorry for me yet? Ha!

Sophia, Mommy loves you know matter what. You could cry all day and be awake all night and I would still think you were the best most amazing baby on the planet!

I don't have any new pictures uploaded and Chris is wanting to watch a movie so I will leave you with some pictures of Sophia's adorable bedroom...where she should sleep like an angel.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goals Are Good...Especially When They Involve Purses

I made a deal with Chris and a deal with myself. If I lose 20 pounds I can buy myself a new Matt &Nat purse . Funny how a purse can motivate you. Obviously I have many other motivating factors but for some reason knowing I can buy a not so cheap purse after I reach my goal is exciting. I really didn't want to talk about my weight on my blog...but I thought by putting it out there it makes me more accountable. Even if it is just my mom who reads this. Hi mom. I have realistic goals. I don't want to be a skinny minni. I have tried that and it doesn't work. I just want to feel healthy again. I have found it hard living in Calgary where it is so freaking cold. Now the weather is looking up and Sophia and I can go cruising in her stroller. I know 80% of losing weight is all about what you eat. This is the area I mainly struggle. So I am going to throw away all temptations and post some motivating pictures and thoughts on my fridge..lame I know. I watched 'The Secret' last year and I am going to put some of that into use.

Ok no more talk about weight, blah! I hate talking about it, yet I talk about it all the time. No more talking more doing!!

Just so you know the purse I want is called 'Jorja' (large) in olive green. I have a feeling though that by the time I actually reach my goal this purse will be long gone and nowhere to be found. See negative thoughts already creeping in..stop it Becks, stop it.

This was the day before my wedding (June, 2005)

I just found this photo as I was searching to find the above photo. This was at a Bridal Fair and I was standing next to the flowers I wanted at my wedding. I haven't seen this pic since it was taken and now I want a tan on top of things, ha!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess Who Started Solids

Yesterday Sophia ate pablum for the very first time, hooray! I don't know how much she actually "ate" more like she had her first experience wiping rice cereal all over her face! She was not too sure about the whole experience. She would make a face, spit out the cereal and then eat her hands instead.

We tried again today. She pretty much had the same reaction. We will press on and hopefully soon she will get the hang of eating solids! So proud of my little munchkin.

She was more interested in her bib than eating....

All in a days work....

Monday, March 24, 2008

My First Easter - As Told by Sophia

Easter is so much fun! I woke up to an array of goodies! The Easter Bunny left me a fuzzy bunny basket that sings "Happy Easter, Happy Easter" and wags it's little bunny tail! Inside was lots of treats and my first My Little Pony! Her name is Toola Roola. I love her. I played with her all day. Mom read to me from my Bible story book. I am a very good listener. I even helped mom turn the pages and hold the book! The best part of the day was that I got to wear a dress for the very first time! Mom and Dad told me I looked so pretty in my Easter best! Later we went to Auntie Sara's and Uncle Dave's house for an Easter egg hunt and brunch. Sam and Auntie Gina came as well. I jumped around in my jolly jumper and showed off my lungs! We even went to the park and played in the sunshine! I loved my first Easter! Mom said next year I can even eat some of the treats! This year mommy and daddy will eat them for me!

The Easter Bunny went a little overboard....

Here I am wearing my pretty pink dress....

Here is Mommy and me

What a good Easter we had together, time for some hugs

Love Sophia xox

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Broke My Cardinal Rule

I did something I said I would never do. I put Sophia in sunglasses. I always said I wouldn't put my baby in sunglasses or elastic bow headbands. But now I know why people put their kids in sunglasses. It's bright on their little eyes. Makes so much sense. And of course once I put them on her I thought she looked adorable. I still haven't broken the elastic bow rule. It may come soon, now that I know how cute she looks in sunglasses!

"I can't believe you put me in these things" - Sophia

Sam And Sophia The Best Of Friends

Oh how we LOVE Samuel! He is so full of smiles, laughs and silliness. The thought of having Gina , Sam and of course Matt move away just makes me feel a little queasy. I could almost cry as I type this. Oh mommy get a grip. That is what Sophia would tell me if she could talk. I am of course thrilled for them and can truly appreciate the impact it all means. But on a purely selfish note I don't want them to leave. I am allowed to be selfish it's my blog. I didn't grow up with cousins living nearby. I always wished we did. Summer's were the best. Going to California and seeing all the family in one fell swoop. Swimming all day long in G&G's pool, eating red vines, donut holes and Cheetos's with pruned fingers (maybe this was why I was always chubby, hmmmm) Not the point. The point being..wait what was the point? Oh right... I was always sad that we had to leave and go home. I wish I grew up with my cousins. BUT I guess the silver lining is that I have the best memories a girl could ask for. I just hope Sam and Sophia and any future cousins will have the same joy filled memories as I did.

Sam is starting to notice Sophia in a new light. Not in a hey can I poke her, sit on her, grab her head kind of way. He now says "hi" to her. Wants to give her hugs and rock her in her car seat and is learning to be "gentle".

Sam givin' some suga'.....

Sam we will miss you and your Yoda hair...

We love you Auntie Gina and Samwise

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Did My Little Baby Go?

Today was a big day for Sophia. She sat up in her stroller like a big girl for the first time!! Made mommy so proud and a little sad.

They grow up so fast sniff, sniff.

In other Sophia news she now takes her soother out of her mouth holds on to it for a while and then plops it back in her mouth! I have witnessed it twice now. So cute!

We are working on "enjoying" tummy time. Otherwise she will never learn to crawl. I can just imagine her skipping over crawling and going straight to walking just because she was too stubborn to do tummy time!

Oh and I almost forgot a very important newsflash! Sophia Grace slept 12 hours in a ROW! I felt so refreshed so rejuvenated. Amazing what sleep can do for a person! Fingers crossed we will have a repeat performance on tonight's sleep!

Yay for me, I let mommy sleep!....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sandy and Aaron's One Day Extravaganza!

On Monday night Sophia's Aunt Sandy and Uncle Aaron arrived to stay with us for one day. Last time they saw Sophia she was just 8 weeks old. We managed to pack a lot in for one day. We went downtown Calgary to see where Chris works. While Chris stayed at work for a few hours Sandy, Aaron, Sophia and I walked along the Bow River and then ventured downtown to find some cool shops. I carried Sophia in my baby sling instead of bringing the big 'ol stroller. After a while Aaron asked if I was getting tired of carrying her and if he could carry her in the sling for me. I said that would be wonderful! As soon as Aaron put on the baby sling he got loads of attention! Two woman within minutes of each other asked where he got the fantastic baby sling. A few other woman oohed and awed over Sophia. Aaron is very tall and looked quite sweet holding Sophia. Sandy and I were like "pphh, they just wanna talk to Aaron."
Please note: I do not get this kind of attention when I carry Sophia in her sling!

After visiting downtown (and dreaming about winning the lottery. Sigh. Soo many cute things that I would love to have scooped up) we went to Chris' radiation appointment. Sandy and Aaron got to experience the Tom Baker Cancer clinic. Very exciting. We even scored some free cookies from the lovely volunteer ladies who walk around with a cart full of tea, coffee and homemade goodies. That is always my highlight when accompanying Chris to his appointments!

We then headed to Market Mall and began shop shop shopping! The boys were thrilled! Sophia took home some adorable sweaters and a dress for the summer! I took home nothing. I never thought it was possible to enjoy shopping for someone else just as much if not more than for myself!

Sophia was a complete ANGEL during the days escapades. She napped in her sling and then in her stroller. I was worried all day that she was going to have a melt down and need to nap in her crib and we would have to cut our day short. But my sweet baby girl was all smiles and charm. She must get that from me.

We came home made and ate a lovely dinner. Meanwhile Sophia showed off her mad skills in her jolly jumper. Then she was ready for bed.

We capped off the evening by watching Juno. Hilarious. I have seen it three times now. I am starting to recite lines out of the blue.

Auntie Sandy and Uncle Aaron read Sophia a bedtime story....

Please visit us again soon Sandy and Aaron we will miss you....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleep, I Heart You!

I miss you sleep. Please come back to me soon.

I realize I have a 5 month old and lack of sleep is part of the job. But oh how I miss my sleep.

Here is a funny tidbit about Miss Sophia Pearson. She falls asleep to spa music. She prefers 'The Best of Solitudes'. I guess after my many years of listening to Spa music at work it is in her blood. I don't mind her choice in music. It does help me relax as I hear it playing through the monitor. Another fact. Sophia used to sleep in a bright pink snowsuit. What?! It's true. One day when she was just itty bitty. I made Sophia try on her new snowsuit. She fell asleep almost instantly and napped for a looong time. I was so excited. I tried putting her to sleep at night like this. It worked like a charm. She was so cozy and very warm. She slept like this for a few months. Then I read over heating can cause SIDS. I panicked, felt horrible and off came the snowsuit.

Who me? Wake you up during the night to party? Never....

I am innocent I tell you.....

How can I resist this little face....

Careful, mommy didn't sleep much last night....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh That Lilly!

Lilly is a silly little cat. The things she does are priceless. One of her many quirks is that she loves to sit in bowls. She has done this since she was a kitten (back when she could actually fit into them). So last night I walk into the kitchen and who has stuffed themselves into the colander?? Lilly. She sits in anything she can squeeze her little bum in. The colander was a first. I had to capture the precious moment on film.

Back when she could actually fit (She still manages to sit in this bowl)...

Chris Update!

I thought I would post an update on my husband Chris. For those of you who don't know he has been dealing with a brain tumor for about a year and a half. He has had two surgeries to remove the bulk of the tumor. However they cannot remove it all. Last week he started his radiation treatments to zap it into oblivion. He will have 25 treatments for a total of 5 weeks. He will go every day and have weekends off. So far he is doing pretty well. He has had some headaches and is a little tired. Overall NOT bad at all. It can take a few weeks for Chris to feel the true effects as the radiation is accumulative. If you ask Chris how he feels you would probably hear "I'm alright" He is a man of little words. I make up for that. We hope this will be the end to the nasty tumor who has interrupted our lives. All I have to say is that Chris is a trooper! He never complains and just deals with the now. He has made this seem so easy! I have always had a peace that everything is going to be alright! (I felt that same peace when my dad was going through cancer) I know that peace is from God. Or...I have a good denial button. Just kidding! People always seem so amazed that we have gone through all of this and still have managed to move Provinces, start a new job, get pregnant and have Sophia. You gotta do what you gotta do! We have dealt with so much in our short marriage from Chris' tumor to the early arrival of Sophia. I think we are due for some relaxation for the years to come!

One last word.... Chris hopes to gain a Super Power from the radiation! Boys.

Chris and his girl...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Little About Sophia

So since this blog will most likely be about my little cutie Sophia Grace I thought I would tell you about her and share some darling photos.

Sophia will be 5 months tomorrow! She was born October 13 ... six weeks early! Her due date was November 22. Needless to say my husband and I were taken by total surprise when my water broke in the middle of the night. I had one more day of work before my maternity leave started. I was so looking forward to the time off to get everything in order for the baby. I hadn't even packed a hospital bag for me or the baby! (Next time I will be prepared by 30 weeks) So no rest for me! She was born very healthy she just wanted out early. She weighed 4lbs and 10oz. She was so tiny but perfect. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mom! I watched TLC's Baby Story on a daily basis. I think I was obsessed. I pictured myself having a picture perfect birth story. Like I would be a natural and all would go well and she would be out in 3 pushes! Well Sophia had other plans. I had to have an emergency c-section. That was NOT what I pictured! Her umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck and body. Every time I contracted her little heart rate dropped. Very scary. Luckily all was fine and I had a perfect baby. She stayed in the NICU for one week. I look back now and can't believe she was ever that small. She weighs around 12 lbs. She is a petite little muffin. She is so strong though. She LOVES to jump in her jolly jumper. The first time I put her in her jumper she made me laugh so hard! She looked like a Riverdancer. She kicked her legs like mad but her upper body lay still at her sides. So hilarious. I wish I had a video camera! She rolls from her tummy to her back. Although she protest loudly if she has to do "tummy time" for too long. She does not have any teeth yet. I can't feel any teeth coming in but she drools A LOT and loves to eat her hands. I could go on for days about her but I will spare you for today.

Just one more thing. I had a look from her today that is a sign of things to come! I had to change her diaper so I brought her to her change pad and I started being a dork (like usual) and singing some crazy song to her and she looked at me with her eyebrows raised like "mom you are so annoying". Ahh looking forward to the teenage years!

Here is Sophia and I when she was just 3 weeks old!
Here she is rockin' her red bathing suit at 4.5 months!

And this is the first BIG smile caught on camera just about a week ago!

Monday, March 10, 2008

So It Begins

On a whim I have decided to start a blog to keep track of all the little things that happen to us on a daily basis. I have no idea if I will actually keep this updated regularly. I really hope I do. I love reading other people's blogs so I thought I would join in on the fun. Plus I know I will love looking back on this as the years go by! At the moment it is 9:50pm..woo a late night for me! So I will read this tomorrow and it may make no sense at all! On a similar note I sent an email out to a new friend today and I re-read the email and it sounds like I am such a crazy! It basically sounds like I am asking her out on a date. Who writes " It would be nice to get together so we can get to know each other better" ...apparently I do. That is one good way to scare off a new friend. Here is a tip about me I obsess about really unimportant things like sent emails.

I will get back on here some time tomorrow and try to figure this blog out. As for now I am going to sleep. Why am I still awake?