Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sophia is bringing back the 1990's catchphrase "not".
As in "that was so awesome...NOT"!

Sophia was all about saying no for a while. She went through a lovely phase where she would enthusiastically answer "Yeah!" or "Yep!" to everything. It was fabulous.

"Sophia does mommy look good today?" "Yeah!!"

"Sophia do you want to eat your broccoli?" "Yeah!!"

"Sophia do you want to go to the grocery store?" "Yep!"

Suddenly it has turned to yelling at the top of her lungs "NOT!"

"Sophia do you want to go for a car ride?" "NOT!!"

"Sophia lets get dressed for today." "NOT!"

"Sophia do you like mommy's new sweater?" "NOT!"

It doesn't even make sense. Which makes me laugh. Where did she pick this up?

Its not like I went around saying NOT. Maybe she watched Borat while I wasn't looking?

Anyways i'm off to go exercise....NOT!

Princess is in indeed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

a little bit about sophia at 23 months

23 months and 15 days that is!

Holy moly.
Sophia will be the big TWO in a couple weeks.

I have all the Strawberry Shortcake decorations in waiting.

Oh you didn't know Sophia is a huge... like majorly huge Strawberry Shortcake fan?

Ever since that fated day I went garage sale-ing and got her a 5 disc dvd collection for 2 bucks she has been hooked!

She never was one to care for tv. She would watch it for two minutes get bored and move on to more exciting things like baby dolls. Well once i popped that first dvd in she was glued to the tv. I was overjoyed. That sounds bad hmm let me explain. To have her be totally enthralled with the TV while I cook or do some other chore that is easier done without her "help" is a really nice relief! She still only makes it about 15-20 minutes watching it but I'll take it!! She even sings to the songs...ahh cuteness overload!

So I decided that a Strawberry Shortcake party was in order. But do you think I could find any party decor for her? It became a hunt. Anytime I saw anything that had Strawberries on it my eyes zoomed in. I got a tad obsessive. Me? Never. I guess Strawberry Shortcake is sooo last year. But not to Sophia and I. It is totally this year and totally 1985 back when I loved her just as much!

Anyways long story short ( i wasn't planning on writing all this, it just kind of spilled out) I found a dollar store who would special order it in and I wouldn't even have to pay shipping/handling fees!! Yippeee! So now it sits in the closet waiting for October 10th smelling all strawberry-licious! She is going to be so into it, I cant wait!!

Originally this post was going to be about Sophia and her mild (or maybe not so mild) O.C.D.

My child is a clean freak. Like crazy clean freak.

She starts to freak if she spills her milk or food. If her hands are sticky run for cover. She needs her hands wiped throughout her meals or she cant go on eating. She picks up specks of dirt on the carpet and tells me I need to vacuum. She shows me anything that even remotely looks like a stain and tells me with a look of terror in her eyes"oh mess, wipe!". It is crazy. I cant even really begin to explain it. Her newest one is telling me her tongue is dirty...umm yeah Sophia that's what happens when you chew food. Oy Vay! I try and tell her its ok to get dirty, to make a mess. I mean I like my house clean and tidy but I don't think I have passed on this OCD to her. As long as she doesn't start telling me to re-arrange the furniture we should be fine. That is where my OCD comes in. I move my furniture around at least once a month, its a bit crazy.

Her other funny little quirk these days is blaming Lilly our cat for everything!

It is pretty darn hilarious actually!! It all started around the beginning of summer. Sophia had provoked Lilly and she swiped Sophia. She got a very minor scratch on the top of her hand. Well let me tell you she told anyone and everyone that Lilly scratched her. She would point to her hand and in her cute voice say "Lilly". She continued to do this far past the time the scratch healed.

She now blames Lilly for messes that were very obviously not caused by Lilly. She sees garbage on the street and says Lilly made the mess. She says that Lilly pooped not Sophia. Any sort of scratch or bruise she gets she says Lilly did it. Poor Lilly!! I'm sorry Lilly! Don't worry cat I know you are not to blame for all of it! Lord help us when Sophia has a sibling one day, they will get all the blame!! Besides putting the blame on Lilly for everything Sophia loves her! She is always trying to feed her snacks and asks to leave out water bowls for her. It is pretty cute how much she loves her. We just have to work on not using Lilly as her scapegoat!

Here is my little munchkin dressed in her new fall attire (thanks to her Papa Bob!)
It took about 20 minutes of convincing and distracting her to leave the boots on...but then she loved them and would NOT take them off, funny girl! Her Easter purse was an addition made by herself and of course that "soos" oh that soos! I have a plan in place soon to finally get rid of it, stay tuned!

she wasnt feeling the vibe to model her new clothes

We celebrated our friend Alex's 2nd Birthday on Saturday!

Honest to goodness we didnt plan the matching. I am not that organized!

My Strawberry Shortcake girl eating a strawberry!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

jada mae

I am an auntie of three now!!
My sister in law Sandy had a baby girl on September 14th.
Here is beautiful Jada Mae

Congrats Sandy and Aaron!!

Now if we could all just in live in the same place!

Here is to Sophia's new girl cousins! I feel like new barrettes need to be made for all these girlies!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cooking with sophia

stir, stir, stir
it is important for the baker to test the batter
licking is allowed too
it is also important to clean off the spooon read the recipe
patience is harder than it sounds

time to paint with water instead!!

By the time the brownies were done somebody was to full eat any. Its all about the batter people!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

just wanna pinch those cheeks

I bought Sophia some training underpants.
I think they're too big. What do you think?

Notice Sophia's awesome afro bed head!

I'm sorry Sophia for posting these. But how could I not, you have the cutest bum ever!!

Mommy will be taking in your underpants. These are the smallest size they come in.

Friday, September 11, 2009

lola marie

I have a niece!
My sister Gina had her baby girl on September 6th.
I am now an Auntie of two!
Welcome to the world beautiful Lola Marie!
I want to hug her and squeeze her and kiss her
Why must you live on the other side of Canada? Sniff.

I love you sweet little girl!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sophia where are you?

I have been wanting to add some videos of my crazy little pumpkin but have had a hard time uploading them to blogger. So I have turned to trusty old YouTube to bring them to you.

These were taken a month ago. I hope you can get a giggle from them.

** Disclaimer - I am annoying in the background. Any and all videos I post I will most likely sound really silly. It can't be helped, its in my nature. **

Friday, September 4, 2009

well hello

That break felt good. Much needed.

Right now my house is perfectly clean. It quite possibly is my favorite feeling. That feeling of a clean organized house, mellow music playing and a vanilla candle burning. It doesnt get much better than that for me.

It wont last long. Little miss will be waking from her nap to play and dig up all the toys I just put away. Thats ok. I will enjoy my quite clean house for this little while. The only thing that would make this moment better would be rain. I know that sounds strange but I miss rain. I grew up in Vancouver and it is just part of your day. Calgary is dry and hot. Fall is on its way and I simply cant wait for it!

I have so much to catch up on since I last posted. I will try to keep it brief.

The main thing that happened for me was that I quit my job. Its with mixed emotions. We need that money but to be honest I was losing it. I mean looooosing it. I always felt torn and spread thin. In the back of my head was always the nag of I have to work, im getting behind, I cant keep up. I am not the best multi tasker on the best of days. So taking care of Sophia, keeping up the house and meals and working every spare minute I had was too much for my little head. Other moms could have rocked it. I tried and instead of rocking it it rocked me.

So big sigh of relief to have that extra stress gone. Life is still complicated for us over here but we are managing and have some good things lining up.

I am not one who regularly recites Bible scriptures but this one is in my head a lot these days and always brings me peace. I am trying my best to remember these words.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths".-Proverbs 3:4-6

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Sophia? Because man I love that little girl. Love doesnt even seem to be a big enough word.

How fun it is to play in your pretty room!

Time for dress up!!

After we danced and twirled and played ring around the rosie (your favorite game ever because you get to fall dramatically on the floor, sometimes you skip the twirling and go straight to the "all fall down" part). You decided that you were "done" because it was "itchy".

I understood. Down with itchy fabric!

Time to read some books. What to read? You love to say "hmm" just like your momma.

After we put on a shirt (pants are for losers) you found your rain boots. You were "goin walkin". I love how you say all your words that end in 'ing' with 'in'. Readin, walkin, cookin, get the idea.

Next you found your awesome shoes from "Maga".

Mommy can't wait for these to fit you for reals! Just 3 more sizes up to go! These are a size 8 and you are currently a size 5. But im pretty sure you are going though a growing spurt because you are constantly "hungy".

Your mommy bought these little corderoy mary janes when she was in grade 12 in Chinatown. I had the same pair as my grad shoes. When I saw them in little girl sizes I couldnt resist. I have kept them since. Long before I knew I was to have a baby girl. Thats how much mommy wanted you. We have a ways to go before you can wear them. Not sure what size they are because well its written in Chinese.

It's good to be a girl!