Thursday, August 26, 2010

tortilla maker

i am just trying this new blog look out.
what i wanted (when i ended up ruining my old layout) was bigger pictures. i think i got it. they are huge. but i think i like it?
i ran out of room on my free flickr account months ago and was losing pictures. so i switched to photobucket and the photo comes in one size. big. so i got what i wanted. i just want to know how to keep this size photo and keep the width of the column but be able to choose a cute background. Anyone out there know any of those tricks?? i'm all ears :)

lately sophia and i have been making homemade tortilla's. it is so simple. i quite possibly could eat homemade tortilla's all day long and need nothing else. ok maybe some butter to go with them. when i was growing up my birthday dinner was always my mom's homemade bean burritos. they are amazing. i am passing on the tradition to sophia. she is such a little helper when i bake and she loves to sprinkle the flour out onto the counter and roll out her own tortilla. i love cooking with her. i could do without the huge mess of flour left on the counters when we are done however.

chris captured a picture of us the other day. and although it is not a great photo it still captures a moment that i will always remember.
me and my tortilla maker.


we will be heading to kimberley to meet sophia's great grandma who is arriving from the philippines. it is going to be a great little family reunion. sophia is very excited. we will also be stopping into Calgary for a few days on our way home. we will be staying with friends. i am very excited to be able to see our friends for a few days. looking very much forward to our little trip. we will have lots to catch up on once we are back. see you soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

blog makeover in progress

if you happened to wander onto my blog at this exact moment and it looks all crazy. i apologize. i was trying to fix some things and accidentally messed it all up. oopsies! carry on and enjoy the ginormous pictures of chris and sophia below....

daddy and me






Monday, August 16, 2010

momma and me

August 2010 082

August 2010 087

August 2010 086

August 2010 088

(i dont think i have ever mentioned this but sophia does not call me mom or mommy but momma. i thought it was a phase. it started a few months ago. i think it is so cute and i wonder how long it will last. she sounds like a little country bumpkin. it's awesome.)

here we are just being silly.

we were waiting to head on out to a blueberry festival with friends.

it was the hottest day ever.

let's just say the blueberry festival was cut short and we headed to a friends pool instead. thanks sheila!

i can't believe it has been so long since i last posted!

how is it august 16th already?

i have about a million pictures since i last posted. it is a bit daunting trying to decide what pictures to post so im pretty sure you will be getting a picture smorgasbord pretty soon.

we have been busy catching up with friends, trying to keep cool, visiting with my sister, keeping the garden watered and anxiously awaiting my parents return home.

the summer is zooming by us.

i am excited for fall and all that it brings.

i am craving routine and i know with the start of sophia's pre-school and hopefully dance school we will soon have one. what a funny thing to crave right? we are so lucky to do what we want when we want.

i have started to walk/jog every morning and my energy is starting to return. i was feeling pretty zapped on energy. to keep up with sophia i need my energy. it is so easy for me to get into bad habits which cause low energy. now that i am older and my priorities are different all i care about is being healthy for sophia. i don't worry about how i look it is all about how i feel. i have given up my beloved diet pepsi. sara did you just fall on the floor? i feel so much better just doing that. water with lemon is my new best friend. i love it.

we have friends from calgary coming for a visit this weekend. i am so excited to see them!

we also will be heading to kimberley at the end of the month. his lola (that is grandma in tagalog) is visiting from the philipines. sophia is very excited to meet her great grandma. this will probably be the only time she gets to meet her. sandy and aaron and baby jada will be there too along with chris' uncles from california. it is going to be a great and special time!

also if you have a sec check out our crab pot party on my sisters blog it was such a fun night and mmm mmm goood!!