Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Did My Little Baby Go?

Today was a big day for Sophia. She sat up in her stroller like a big girl for the first time!! Made mommy so proud and a little sad.

They grow up so fast sniff, sniff.

In other Sophia news she now takes her soother out of her mouth holds on to it for a while and then plops it back in her mouth! I have witnessed it twice now. So cute!

We are working on "enjoying" tummy time. Otherwise she will never learn to crawl. I can just imagine her skipping over crawling and going straight to walking just because she was too stubborn to do tummy time!

Oh and I almost forgot a very important newsflash! Sophia Grace slept 12 hours in a ROW! I felt so refreshed so rejuvenated. Amazing what sleep can do for a person! Fingers crossed we will have a repeat performance on tonight's sleep!

Yay for me, I let mommy sleep!....

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