Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sandy and Aaron's One Day Extravaganza!

On Monday night Sophia's Aunt Sandy and Uncle Aaron arrived to stay with us for one day. Last time they saw Sophia she was just 8 weeks old. We managed to pack a lot in for one day. We went downtown Calgary to see where Chris works. While Chris stayed at work for a few hours Sandy, Aaron, Sophia and I walked along the Bow River and then ventured downtown to find some cool shops. I carried Sophia in my baby sling instead of bringing the big 'ol stroller. After a while Aaron asked if I was getting tired of carrying her and if he could carry her in the sling for me. I said that would be wonderful! As soon as Aaron put on the baby sling he got loads of attention! Two woman within minutes of each other asked where he got the fantastic baby sling. A few other woman oohed and awed over Sophia. Aaron is very tall and looked quite sweet holding Sophia. Sandy and I were like "pphh, they just wanna talk to Aaron."
Please note: I do not get this kind of attention when I carry Sophia in her sling!

After visiting downtown (and dreaming about winning the lottery. Sigh. Soo many cute things that I would love to have scooped up) we went to Chris' radiation appointment. Sandy and Aaron got to experience the Tom Baker Cancer clinic. Very exciting. We even scored some free cookies from the lovely volunteer ladies who walk around with a cart full of tea, coffee and homemade goodies. That is always my highlight when accompanying Chris to his appointments!

We then headed to Market Mall and began shop shop shopping! The boys were thrilled! Sophia took home some adorable sweaters and a dress for the summer! I took home nothing. I never thought it was possible to enjoy shopping for someone else just as much if not more than for myself!

Sophia was a complete ANGEL during the days escapades. She napped in her sling and then in her stroller. I was worried all day that she was going to have a melt down and need to nap in her crib and we would have to cut our day short. But my sweet baby girl was all smiles and charm. She must get that from me.

We came home made and ate a lovely dinner. Meanwhile Sophia showed off her mad skills in her jolly jumper. Then she was ready for bed.

We capped off the evening by watching Juno. Hilarious. I have seen it three times now. I am starting to recite lines out of the blue.

Auntie Sandy and Uncle Aaron read Sophia a bedtime story....

Please visit us again soon Sandy and Aaron we will miss you....

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