Sunday, April 25, 2010

thank you

for my 31st birthday my sister sara and my mom spoiled me with new kitchenware.

originally my interior designer rock star sister was going to buy me new paint and make me new curtains to say goodbye to the red and say hello to grey blue.

but since we decided to sell our house they decided that kitchenware was the way to go.

i feel so completely spoiled!!

my kitchen utensils/dishes looked like i was in college struggling to get by with everybody elses old kitchen stuff.

it was embarrassing. the mish mash utensils. chipped dishes. barely usable can opener.

they took pity on me and took me shopping.

we shopped at homesense (my most favorite canadian store ever) and superstore (another favorite) they both have great deals and great products!

i am one happy momma!!

the simplicity of nice things that i chose makes me feel so good.

giving the rest to goodwill and de-cluttering my kitchen made me feel so happy and content.

i love nothing more than to de-clutter and simplify these days.

i always feel more capable more patient and most happy when my house is clean tidy and organized.

add some chilled out music and a candle burning and well that equals pure bliss.

check out my new kitchen loot


classic white dishes and serving bowls

the second set of white bowls have a lovely damask etched pattern on

fun blue popcorn bowl and cereal bowls

cute mini bowls for sophia snacks (much like scooby snacks)

a matching set of brushed steel silverware

a really fun green spatula

well you get the picture...i love it all.

i feel like a proper adult now. it's about time.

thank you sara and mom!

(this is where i would put a big puffy heart if i could)

you guys blessed me so much...


your little sister and your youngest daughter


i wanna win

my friend chelle from winey mommy is hosting a giveaway!

i normally don't enter these type of things...well because usually they are not open to canadians, humph! but not this time, this time it is open to us canadians and i want to win!

so go have a lookie loo at her blog but don't enter the contest or do but just know that i am going to win, haha! i kid, i kid.

i am a total product junkie.

i turned 31 a few days ago and i swear i instantly aged. the not so fine lines are creeping in. chelle is giving away dr. perricone's face finishing moisturizer. a $65 value.

yes please!

so have a look and wish me luck!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

wow that was fast

if you blinked you missed it!

our house was listed on wednesday the 21st

we accepted an offer last night friday the 23rd!!

holy cow!!

two days on the market!

(*i must clarify that it is subject to financing, so we will know 100% if it is a done deal by april 30th)

we had 3 showings...that's it.

our realtor said that was good traffic as his other listings were not getting any showings and no offers.

pretty sure god was taking care of us.

pretty sure we are going in the right direction and listening to him.

even though leaving my amazing sister and my amazing friends is going to be one of the hardest things i will have to do, i feel in my heart we are meant to be back in vancouver.

i am so excited for sophia to get to know my parents, her grandparents.

i am happy for her. i am happy for my parents. i am happy for chris.

which in turn makes me happy.

leaving our house is going to be another hard thing to do.

this is the house sophia was brought home from the hospital in.

sophia's first room.

i want to just take it with us.

i know i will be able to do it. it's just all happening so fast!

we have had a year where things were not happening.

so going from nothing to moving at lightening speed is hard to adjust to again.

i much prefer moving at lightening speed then being stuck.

even though i have complained about our house, how i am so over the red paint, the lack of being able to buy new decor and even though i have taken it for granted i truly love this house.

it is the house we became a family in and we have been so lucky to own our own house. truly lucky.

these are the photos the realtor took for our listing.

so here is our happy little house...

the sky is so blue here. it can be gorgeous and sunny and the next minute snow. in fact it is snowing as i type this

our house

we just replaced our dishwasher for selling, we handwashed for a year. blah. i now love doing dishes


i had meant to take out the step stool and basket for the picture, but the realtor was too fast

dining room

i love this cozy room, and my thick soft rug


our master bedroom minus the curtains that i tried to fix and ended up ruining, ahem, oops

master bedroom

upstairs bath aka sophia's bathroom


the little ms' room. no more bed rail. that's right sophia is a full fledged big girl. no more pullups at night...she is basically a teenager now...waaahhh. as much as i will miss this room i am excited to decorate her big girl room!

sophia's room

our multi purpose room. we do a lot of living down here. it may not be pretty but it works.

basement two

there is more to the house (chris' office, laundry room/storage, second bathroom) but i showed you the main roooms.

i hope whoever moves into the home is happy here.

i will get back to blogging soon. i haven't taken one picture of sophia since easter.

i have other things to write about but for now this is what is consuming us so it get's first blogging priority.

i hope you all are having a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i know that title is completely full on dorky.

however i wanted to let you guys know that in fact changes are indeed happening in the land of pearson.

we are moving back to vancouver!

we couldn't keep doing what we were doing and something had to give.

we are taking a leap of faith and i hope we land softly.

the 'for sale' sign went up today.

we should be listed on mls tomorrow.

deep breaths, deep breaths.

i have never had such mixed emotions in my life.

i will go into more details later.

but right now i am going to go watch lost.

because i have been a non-stop cleaning, organizing freak for the last 3 days.

peace out my friends


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

biker chick




look what the easter bunny brought!

sophia's first bike!

thank you grandma and grandpa...i mean easter bunny!

sophia couldn't be happier about this exciting new adventure in life.

she may not get how to pedal it all by herself just yet but there is a bike bell involved and that in itself is exciting!!

sweet ride sophia!

(i realize i went a bit overboard with the picnik, i cant seem to stop myself)

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter bunny




we hope everyone had a happy easter!

more to come soon...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

this outfit brought to you by sophia

some days i let sophia pick out her clothes.

days where we are just at home and playing in the backyard.

some days her chosen outfits are totally adorable.

today not so much.

even though there is leopard print, hearts, a quilted asian jacket, polka dots and dora all mixed in there, somehow she makes it work.

don't let miss pouty mcpouty face fool you....she is very proud of her creation!

April 2010 019

April 2010 045

April 2010 024

hi lilly cat!

April 2010 039


we are heading out tomorrow to spend easter with chris' parents.

i made sophia this little quilted easter bag the other day

March 2010 466

i made it while these two diva's napped

March 2010 459

somehow i channelled suzie homemaker that day.


i wish you all could have just witnessed sophia's monumental freak out over a bug outside just now. wow. that was impressive. after i calmed her down i put her down for a nap (yes, she is back on naps hallelujah praise the lord) she made me close her door and "lock it" so that no bugs could come in. i think we have sara number two people ;)

see you later peeps! happy easter!

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