Friday, June 24, 2011

luckiest girls in the world

grampa bob is amazing

we really cant get enough of him

it was his idea to build a playhouse - within days it was up

i painted it and then sophia and i decorated it

i was going to re paint the outside but have decided to just leave it alone

i never realized that picking playhouse colors would be so stressful

rough life.

the style is so my dad

it is unique just like he is

sophia is beyond lucky - and so am i

our life is grand

and this is just what is outside our suite - the whole garden awaits us daily and is amazingly beautiful and full of charm - breathtaking at times - a discovery place for sophia - sometimes i think we are living in a fairytale garden amongst the woodland creatures.

dad i just have to say it again...

thank you for such a charming life and our whimsical playhouse

how did we get so lucky??

welcome to sophia's playhouse!



spray painted milk jugs and holder

tea party time!


drive thru window



view from her doorway - that is our entry to the backyard and kitchen window - i can watch her play while doing housework

reading from her 1979 children's cookbook

sophia's veggie patch - she is growing butter lettuce, romaine,  peas and celery!

Monday, June 20, 2011

meeting mason rayne

my little nephew has arrived!

mason arrived on the 17th - a perfect little bundle of joy!






as you can see by these pictures he is just perfection.

he looks so much like his big sister jada mae - pouty little lips - and oh that chin, i could just gobble him up!!

i pretty much did not want to stop holding him - pure delight!

Friday, June 10, 2011

forever and a day

its us.
sophia and laura
do you remember us?
the lure of this blog comes in ebbs and flows for me
i just cant quit you
i love having a place to post when i am inspired
when life has calmed and i am in a mellow place
some days the crazy (the good and the bad) takes over and all i want to do at the end of the day is relax mindlessly
other nights all i want to do is create and be inspired
that comes in forms of browsing the web where i can drool and only wish
or all i want to do is work on crafts and diy
or organizing my house and rearranging and then rearranging again
other nights i want to tackle the milion photos i have on my camera
perhaps maybe picnik it up a little
tonight was a tackle photos night
and what does that lead to?
why i need to post them on my blog of course

until i go through the other 999,995 photos
here is a quick peek into our day today
plus one extra of one of my all time favorite photos of my beautiful daughter

sophia had crazy hair day at pre school today - i called it crazy 'cute' hair day!
as much as i tried to go all wild and crazy with her hair this morning it ended up being way cute - because lets just be honest everything is cute on her - i am biased though - you should have seen the amazing shirley temple curls sophia had after i took out her twisty buns

while she had fun at pre school i went to my favorite spot to hang out while she is in class - the vv
where upon my arrival i spotted this old super 8 camera.
has all the parts and original case
we will just pretend that it works.

oh here it is.
i just love this photo
no rhyme or reason why i posted it other than that it is one of my favorites
it was taken at the beginning of april
we were playing outside checking out puddles in flower pots
finding all the baby snails
and generally enjoying the beginnings of spring

this was taken this afternoon
grams and soph
cleaning out grama linda's playhouse
doesnt get much cuter
just you wait it actually does - sophia has her very own playhouse now
grampa bob built her one just outside our kitchen
its pretty much the best
pictures to follow soonish

i love my home
i love simplicity
yet i cant seem to stop collecting

you know how you are supposed to do what you love?
well i am pretty lucky

a) im sophias mom
b) i get to be a homemaker and make a comfortable and loving home for my family
c) i get to rescue old thrifted goods
d) i get to create
e) i get to be with friends and family

im a simple girl and little things make me very happy
so thankful for the life i have

in this pic...

1) thrifted embroidery hoops filled with fun fabric

2) my new clock (garage sale find for one dolla) belonged to a 95 year old lady

3) my fenton milk glass - cream and sugar set (gifted to me by my wonderful friend christina's mom - i have a whole collection from her) - these two are sitting in a melamine aqua dish

4) close up of my vintage clock -still works like a charm and i am in love with the ticking noise

5) old food scale - thrifted at vv for 7.99 - pretty darn ecstatic when i found it (those puppies arent cheap) - i have wanted one for a long time

6) my cannisters that i thrifted a while back plus my peel and stick chalkboard - i had it where my new clock is - it is very handy having it on my fridge now - i try and keep track of what produce and leftovers we have on it - because i am queen of forgetting what i actualy have in the fridge

7) i embroidered the word  'home' in a hoop - i just learned to embroider the other day - something i have wanted to do for a very long time - i like simple one worded hoops - i am making a collage of fabric and embroidered words for sophias room - so very fun and so very easy

8) obsessed and on the hunt for old pirex bowls - these two were scored at vv - i really want a whole collection of the vintage bowls - they make me happy

9) my vintage 50's melamine small plates - these are the plates sophia uses every day - atop the plates is a milk glass candy dish just recently gifted to me by my lovely cousin kristin

10) cannisters and chalkboard

11) the coasters i made at my sister ginas house when i visited a few months ago - basic white tiles bought at home depot - pretty paper napkins peeled to just the top layer then mod podged and sealed on top of the tile- so easy and they look handpainted - on the bottom of the tile is cork - love them

and that my friends is a very small sampling of a few of my favorite things in my home
i have many more so perhaps another collage is in order!

and with that i say farewell on this fine evening
im sure not many of you are reading this but if you happened to stop by please say hello!

oh and lola joy and grampa joe - i promise to post many pictures of your darling grandaughter very soon - im sure you need new ones to say hello too ;)

lots of love