Monday, March 28, 2011

on girlyness

it is innate

she is all about pink

she cant get enough of dresses and dress up

sparkly shoes

or play makeup

don't get me wrong she is not only about those things

she can play in the dirt with the best of them

she would love nothing more than to be outside from morning to night

looking for worms and making puddle soup

i love the two sides

but there is no denying

sophia is a girly girl

from the drama to the attitude to the sweetness that is her

she is definitely all girl


i bought her her very own nail polish kit
she took to it like a pro star
wow, how are you so good at that??
i mean i guess her mother is an esthetician
but i was mesmerized with her
the focus, the dedication to do it perfectly
she even bejewelled

she keeps the set on her bookshelf now
lines it up just so

i walked into her room today and saw how she set it up herself
a dishtowel was layed out
all the supplies lined up
a crooked attempt at closing the bottle lid tight

melt my heart


Thursday, March 24, 2011

the kind of jewellery i enjoy

i have drooled over allora handmade's necklaces for a very long time.

i love them.

one day i had a light bulb moment.

i can make those for myself!

i also found the cutest earrings on etsy.

and again i thought i can make those myself.

so i did


here is my allora knock off in my signature color. i love it.


i cant wait to get more fabric and make more! i have never made jewelery before so it was really fun for me. i figured out how to make a chain and clasp right in michaels. snuck a read in a jewelery making book and taught myself on the spot and then bought the supplies.

i have a few more earrings in the works and a cute spring headband for sophia, stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


do you like yarn?
do you like rosettes?

i do.

here is a fun project you can do while watching your favorite show.
there is a lot of mindless winding of yarn so watching a mindless show while doing it works out quite well.

a few months ago i picked up these heart wreaths (circa 1992 im sure) at a local thrift store called cythera. its how a thrift store should be. the prices are what you would expect *ahem value village* thrift shops should be. how many times can i say thrift store in one paragraph? anyways i got them for .25 a pop. i had no idea what i was going to do with them but i knew someday i would want them. lo and behold i stumbled upon danielle at take heart. she makes the cutest wreaths and i was taken with her and her lovely wreaths. she takes the time to give tutorials (something i never remember to do while im in the creative process, yet LOVE when others do) i will work on that. so go check out how i learned to make them here. danielle is also selling her wreaths to help fund her trip to blog sugar. so check this great gal out!

since these wreaths were for sophia's playroom i let the little miss pick out her own yarn. for real i did. very unlike the control freak inside me. she chose the bright rainbow yarn. i loved it too. yay. that wasn't too hard. together we chose the pink yarn that matched best. i wanted it to be fun and cheery and indeed it is just that!


i will say this dont let a three year old come home and play with the yarn. it seemed like a good idea at the time. she was happy and feeling her inner crafter. it wasnt until i sat down to start when i realized what a complete and utter disaster my yarn was. headache central. if it wasnt for the unknotting (all while pulling my hair out and possibly saying some christian swear words) part it is very simple. since my wreaths were thrifted i didnt have the luxury of plastic coated wreaths. yeah messy really messy. i could have had a barn dance with all that hay on my floor, couch, clothes and daughter.


oh and a little note on my post below. i kinda left you hanging about that bookcase. you all know we have a very little home or cottage as my good friend amanda calls it. well long story short. chris is getting a well deserved new computer and needed more room. he moved his desk into our room and suddenly i had an empty area. gasp. i didnt go a day without finding something to fill the space. its a disease people. i poached the bookcase from my mom. it was sitting lonely with a few books and magazines on it. i wall papered the backs and left the rest as is. love it. makes me happy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Thursday, March 10, 2011

its all about the collages

i got all gussied up today for my bible study and then found out it was cancelled. sad face. so what's a girl to do with herself? take pictures of her cute scarf and cute earrings and make silly faces and then proceed to make a collage. sophia and grama had a date to go swimming and make soup. besides my impromptu photo shoot i also grabbed a coffee to go and went window shopping where i proceeded to drool and torture myself by looking at all the ridiculously adorable items that i can't have. thank you homesense.


another impromptu photo session took place the other day. i have a gazillion kajillion pictures of my sweet honey child but barely any of me. i cringe at seeing myself in photos and would like nothing more than to never see my self in one again. however i know one day i will want to see myself with my girl. at this moment i may not think i look good. i may criticize my self way too much and complain about the acne that decided to come late in life. but one day i may have acne and wrinkles and i will think hey i looked pretty good for being a chubby acne prone 31 year old.


and this little beauty? what can i say other than that she is awesome.

dont let people freak you out about what the different ages bring. that is all silly scare tactics. every age has it's challenges and learning curves. i still have them. i call it the terrible 31's. every year she grows and i grow and we figure it out together. it's the best job in the world it's also the most tiring confusing self doubting exhilarating heart bursting love swooning job in the world. there are days where i feel like i am the biggest failure on planet earth and then bedtime comes around and we read and pray and chat and giggle and all the hard times of the day melt away and you know everything is going to be alright. in those moments i know i am not totally ruining her life and in fact i know i am doing a good job.