Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a winter tale

Once upon a time (about two weeks ago) it snowed a crap load.

Snow Day December 2009 012

Snow Day December 2009 016

Sure it was cozy cozy and we soaked it up.

We made gingerbread men and watched Christmas movies, we sang Carols and drank hot cocoa and sipped eggnog.

25 Months 451

Snow Day December 2009 008

We were happy little elves.

But then a week passed and it only got colder and colder.

Momma elf was getting cabin fever.

The gingerbread men were all eaten there was no more eggnog and Christmas Carols started to lose their charm.

This scared Momma elf.

Baby elf wanted to go to Walmart.

The elf's were all getting restless.

But the roads were too treacherous and the weather had reached a low of -32 C (-25.6F)

Our car would not start.

It still will not start.

Pretty sure our block heater is kaput. (is that how you spell that? Momma elf isn't a very good speller)

Luckily our good friends who have a garage (and a block heater that works) came to our rescue yesterday and let us borrow their jeep so we could get much needed groceries!!

Sadly the store was out of eggnog.

Papa elf is letting the car battery thaw on our kitchen counter (or doing something with it) momma elf isn't very car savvy.

Fingers crossed baby elf can go to Walmart tomorrow and momma elf can find eggnog.

Pretty sure after one day of being out in the Christmas shopping mayhem I will be content to stay at home watch Christmas movies and sing Carols again.

But for now...get me outta' here!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my etsy shop is back!

Don't be fooled by the name people!

Baby bloom barrettes is back!

This time full of cute camera strap covers!

I had so much fun making one for myself I thought I need to pass on the cuteness of these to others!

Please check out my shop on the right or go to


Perfect Christmas present!

I made them with a serger so they are very durable!

I may or may not have stayed up to the wee hours of the night last night sewing away!

I will be adding more fabric selection very soon, so stay tuned!

Happy shopping!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa's On The PNP

My sister Gina told me about this awesome site.

You can send your little ones a personalised email movie direct from Santa himself!

It took me two minutes and I couldn't wait to show Sophia the next morning!


She may have watched her Santa movie about 28 times.

Here is the link to watch Santa's message to Sophia.


Then after you watch that come back here and watch a video of Sophia watching her special message from Santa direct from the PNP!

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?

im so mean


Thursday, December 3, 2009

the one about the purple tutu

Sophia loves to dance.

If there is dancing to be had, there is a purple tutu to put on!

There is a show that is aired here in Canada called Toy Castle.

It is creepy.

Sophia adores it.

Auntie Gina will laugh because she knows how creepy I/she thought it was and now my child asks to watch it about 7 times a day.

I have it pvr'd for emergency purposes.

It's a show about a Toy Castle that magically comes to life when the kids are sleeping.

They have creepy voiced over voices and creepy costumes.

Sophia loves it.

Maybe this is where she is getting her vivid imagination.

So the point...I am getting carried away about the creepy show.

Sophia sees that the show is on and runs full speed to her closet while screaming SKIRRRT!

She puts on her purple tutu over whatever she is wearing... jammies, nothing, jeans.

Sophia's dancing basically involves jumping, running in circles and what she calls "stretching".

I call it interpretive dance.

She is so destined to be on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

She received the purple tutu for her birthday.

The friend who made it asked to have a picture of Sophia wearing it, so that she could start a portfolio for selling them.

Anytime I ask Sophia to put on her purple tutu for the purpose of pictures and to actually put on a matching outfit with it her response is "no way Jose".

Ok she doesn't actually say that. But if she knew that phrase that's what she would be sayin' at the top of her lungs!

So for now sorry friend who made it these are the only pics I could get.....

25 Months 039

25 Months 050

24 Months 005

24 Months 009

Also since we are on the subject of the Arts...

Sophia also loves to sing!!

Her favorites to sing include (in no particular order)

-Itsy Bitsy Spider

-Twinkle Twinkle

-This Little Light of Mine

-Jesus Loves Me

-Jingle Bells (this is a big hit)

-Part of Your World -Little Mermaid (This is the only song I know all the words to and I sing it with such fervor and passion) - Sophia knows a few words of this one and will sing along with me.

-Any Christmas song out there ( This makes me realize how very little actual words I know to Christmas songs. I usually make them up or repeat the same line over and over again)

So besides winning SYTYCD she is also going to win a Grammy.

I can just see it now...

(cue dream sequence music)

Sophia telling the media how she started singing when she was only two...

"My biggest inspirations were Ariel and of course my Mother, God bless her. She sang to me since birth. She may never have known the words to the songs she was singing but she sang to me nonetheless. That is truly inspiring, thank you Mother...." - Sophia, famous singer/dancer.

(bubble bursting)

Ahem, it could totally happen.

two year olds are funny

Tonight Sophia is sleeping with a wooden spoon and a 'my little pony' comb as companions.

(*she also has her blankie and about 82 stuffed animals, it would be cruel to let her sleep with only a wooden spoon and comb)

So funny.

Who am I to refuse?

She also asked for an alligator.

Since we don't have any alligators I had to decline her request.

Santa may need to bring her a toy alligator because she keeps talking about them.

It's not like I make mention of alligators often.

In fact I hate anything "reptilian".

At breakfast we sit at her little white table to eat. The last few days she has pretended there is an alligator on the floor and then she pretends to squish it with her feet, then she puts the "alligator" on the table to eat breakfast with us.

Umm ok.

I had no idea pretend "friends" started so early.

Not gonna lie it kinda freaks me out.

But on the other hand it makes me happy because she has a very good imagination.

She is always playing make believe.

Today she was pretending that she was shopping.

I asked her what she was shopping for.

She said she was shopping for gum and then started laughing as if that was the funniest thing she has ever heard.

First of all. I don't even buy gum. I don't think I have talked to her about it or what it is.

How does she know this stuff?

She has also told me (on multiple occasions) that there were giants in my room. Wha?! Really?
Sophia please don't scare mommy.

She put a box on her head and put her arms out and said she was a robot.

She pretends to be a mermaid swimming in the water. The water happens to be our rug.

There are so many other things she does daily that I am amazed by.

I really need to start writing down the stuff she does so that my already poor memory can remember.

My little imagination girl.

25 Months 374

She is also very much into lip balm!! And lotion.
She has to put lotion and lip balm on throughout the day.
She comes by it honestly. Her mommy is a lip balm/lotion addict and plus it's dry here.
So you know...we're justified.

25 Months 102

25 Months 103

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

snowman time

25 Months 220

helping daddy

25 Months 258

snowman's are great for playing peek-a-boo!

25 Months 290

admiring her work!

25 Months 309

hugs for mr snowman!

25 Months 299

...and then a karate kick, hmm who taught her that?!

25 Months 301

We even managed an impromptu family photo shoot.

We used our self timer set on top of our recycling bin, clever I tell you!

If I was organized I would probably jazz these up and make them our Christmas cards.

But I'm not that organized.



after all that hard work it was time for some hot cocoa!

25 Months 333

25 Months 335

love the look of concentration on her face, hehe!

25 Months 347