Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goals Are Good...Especially When They Involve Purses

I made a deal with Chris and a deal with myself. If I lose 20 pounds I can buy myself a new Matt &Nat purse . Funny how a purse can motivate you. Obviously I have many other motivating factors but for some reason knowing I can buy a not so cheap purse after I reach my goal is exciting. I really didn't want to talk about my weight on my blog...but I thought by putting it out there it makes me more accountable. Even if it is just my mom who reads this. Hi mom. I have realistic goals. I don't want to be a skinny minni. I have tried that and it doesn't work. I just want to feel healthy again. I have found it hard living in Calgary where it is so freaking cold. Now the weather is looking up and Sophia and I can go cruising in her stroller. I know 80% of losing weight is all about what you eat. This is the area I mainly struggle. So I am going to throw away all temptations and post some motivating pictures and thoughts on my fridge..lame I know. I watched 'The Secret' last year and I am going to put some of that into use.

Ok no more talk about weight, blah! I hate talking about it, yet I talk about it all the time. No more talking more doing!!

Just so you know the purse I want is called 'Jorja' (large) in olive green. I have a feeling though that by the time I actually reach my goal this purse will be long gone and nowhere to be found. See negative thoughts already creeping in..stop it Becks, stop it.

This was the day before my wedding (June, 2005)

I just found this photo as I was searching to find the above photo. This was at a Bridal Fair and I was standing next to the flowers I wanted at my wedding. I haven't seen this pic since it was taken and now I want a tan on top of things, ha!


Manuela Matthews said...

Hi Laura,

Your Mom is not the only one who reads your blogs, I do too. It is so much fun to watch Sophia grow up. She is absolutely beautiful, as is her mother. I wish you well on your weight loss endeavor and hope you get your new purse very soon. I think that is a great goal to work towards. I hope things are going well for Chris with his treatment. He sounds like a real trooper.

I have to let you know that you are not the only person that obsesses about sent emails. I cracked up when I read that comment you made. I do the same thing. I usually read my note or letter a couple times and make several changes before sending it. It is just one of the many things I am obsessive about. Kinda scary!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I think about you and your little family often and wish you all the best.

Aunt Manuela

Becks said...

Thanks Aunt Manuela! It is so nice to hear from you!! I had no idea you were reading my blog, that makes me so happy! I was just looking at my baby album and there we were together. I was probably the same age as Sophia in the pictures, pretty cool. I was thinking about you on Easter as well. We ate German pancakes and Sara, Gina and I were all remembering how you made them for us. So yummy!

Tell your family hello and glad to connect with you again!!