Friday, March 14, 2008

Chris Update!

I thought I would post an update on my husband Chris. For those of you who don't know he has been dealing with a brain tumor for about a year and a half. He has had two surgeries to remove the bulk of the tumor. However they cannot remove it all. Last week he started his radiation treatments to zap it into oblivion. He will have 25 treatments for a total of 5 weeks. He will go every day and have weekends off. So far he is doing pretty well. He has had some headaches and is a little tired. Overall NOT bad at all. It can take a few weeks for Chris to feel the true effects as the radiation is accumulative. If you ask Chris how he feels you would probably hear "I'm alright" He is a man of little words. I make up for that. We hope this will be the end to the nasty tumor who has interrupted our lives. All I have to say is that Chris is a trooper! He never complains and just deals with the now. He has made this seem so easy! I have always had a peace that everything is going to be alright! (I felt that same peace when my dad was going through cancer) I know that peace is from God. Or...I have a good denial button. Just kidding! People always seem so amazed that we have gone through all of this and still have managed to move Provinces, start a new job, get pregnant and have Sophia. You gotta do what you gotta do! We have dealt with so much in our short marriage from Chris' tumor to the early arrival of Sophia. I think we are due for some relaxation for the years to come!

One last word.... Chris hopes to gain a Super Power from the radiation! Boys.

Chris and his girl...

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Skyelarke said...

I think Chris already has a super power. The eyes of both of them show so much emotion!