Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sophia's New Blocks!

I have a nasty no good cold. So today I bring you new pictures of Sophia enjoying her new toy blocks!!

Look at my new blocks!!

Also watching the Food Network channel.....

My favorite cheesy grin! Can you see her teeth?....

My block, get your own!....


Laughing and clapping...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Night In The Life Of Becks

11:00: Bedtime....ooh i'm sooo sleepy.....can't sleep.....rearrange pillow, rotate to the side....need to make a dentist appointment.....when was the last time I went....maybe I will go consignment shopping for Sophia tomorrow....or maybe the mall....i could really go for a pedicure....I cant believe Will got kicked off So You Think You Can unfair....maybe i'll start going to the gym in the evenings....yes I am totally going to the gym in the evenings from now on....loud unbearable snoring erupting from Chris....kick/jab Chris....silence for 60 seconds....snoring continues....I should really scrapbook can I make extra money?....need to buy lottery ticket tomorrow......squish pillow to try and get comfy...I should call my sister tomorrow....should I cut my hair again?....going to start weight watchers or something....hmm but i just bought bagels and they are good...will wait until bagels and cream cheese are my blackberry...what did I do without it.....why doesn't Sophia I over helping her...stop it don't worry about that.... she's perfect....I love Sophia....need to lose weight........getting sleepy....need to clean the bathrooms....drifting off ....... WAA WAA WAAAAAA!!!!


I kid you not Sophia can tell the exact moment I am about to finally drift off to blissful sleep. This is Sophia's super power. Sigh. Really I kid you not...every night this happens. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed. I change it up as to throw her off of her game...but she always wins. It is indeed her super power!!

"Who Moi?! I am innocent I tell you" - Sophia

Monday, July 28, 2008

Go Team Heather!!

My good friend over at A Big Boy, A Baby Girl And A Precious Pug needs all the support she can get! So head on over and give her some suga! Tell her Becks sent ya!

Go Heather, go's your birthday...gonna drink Diet Pepsi like it's your birthday!!

I am enjoying a Diet Pepsi for her as we speak. A big hardship on my part...I kid , I kid!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Week In One Post

I am so behind on posts I don't even know where to begin! Sophia and I have been busy busy bees enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Let's see what have we been up to....

Well last Saturday my neighbor friend Jeannie and I had a garage sale. I made $160! Not too shabby!

We have gone to the zoo 2 times last week and are going again this week. I went once with my new church mommy friends and once with my good friend pictured above! Thank goodness for that zoo pass! Thanks again Gina! Next time I am going to try to get a picture of the baby gorilla! Oh my word it is the cutest thing ever and surprisingly small for being a gorilla and everything. She only weighs 8 lbs! Too cute for words!

Have had lots of BBQ's despite the scary wasp nest that has made home on our fence..eeks! Chris got stung 3 times while mowing the lawn. We didn't know it was there and he walked right into their space and was attacked. Eeks we really must deal with it. But how?!?

Can you see it? Look close. It's in the corner of the fence by the tree branches....

I have actually managed to maintain watering my plants and they are thriving. Are you proud Joe and Joy??....

Sophia woke up with Rooster hair one morning....

Here is Sophia with all a girl really needs in life. Sunglasses a cell phone and a mum mum....

We went to a lovely park with my mommy group and had a fantastic day in the shade!!...

Sophia and Alex playing drums on the watermelon container!...

Pam showing off the spread...

Sophia enjoying some bubbles...

Enjoying a water bottle.....

Enjoying an airplane ride....

I bought some Tupperware yesterday to store my craft supplies..also makes a great drum!...

Had a BBQ with the neighbors last night.

Went to church this morning and had a church picnic afterwards. It was so hot I think I melted!! Just got home and am how you say 'pooped out'!! It has been a busy week. So sorry for the lack of posts we have not been home much. Hopefully this uber massive post will keep you busy for awhile!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My dear bloggy friend Allikaye's Mama has tagged me to play a game of ABC. I have never played this game before apparently I missed out on some good times in school!!

So here goes my first game of ABC.....

A. Attached or single... Attached for 9 years!

B. Best Friend...I don't really have one best friend...Chris, Christina, Tracie, Jeannie

C. Cake or pie?... Pie! definitely pie or maybe cake!

D. Day of Choice...That would be a Friday evening after work... you have the whole weekend to look forward to!

E. Essential items...Under eye concealer!! Hair straightener!!! Both very essential in my life!

F. Favorite color...Pink and green

G. Gummi bears or worms...Gummi bears. But I like those Swedish Berries more!!

H. Hometown...Bonners Ferry, Idaho..holla! (I lived there till I was 10) Then Vancouver BC!

I. Favorite Indulgence...Diet Pepsi, mint chocolate, my dads popcorn, gossip mags, reality tv, I could go on & on.

J. January or July...Hmmm this is tough I'm luke warm about them both. I hate being cold and I hate being hot. I am very picky temperature wise!

K. Kids...For shizzle. My little sweet pea Sophia! More to come I hope!

L. Life isn't complete without...laughing,change,comfort, pepsi.

M. Marriage date... June 25, 2005 (I love that date it is so well balanced)

N. Number of Siblings... 2. My awesome, beautiful sisters Sara and Gina!!

O. Oranges or Apples...Oranges unless the apple is dipped in peanut butter than I say apples!

P. Phobias...ET!! I hate him.

Q. Quotes... "Isn't my house classic? The columns date all the way back to 1972."

"Do you like Billie Holiday?"
"I love him."

"Do you know what time it is?"
"A watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy."

(I know very deep with my quotes. Do you know what movie I am quoting??)

R. Reasons to smile...Miss Sophia Grace, healthy family and friends!

S. Season of choice... Autumn! LOVE the fall weather, the colors, wearing sweaters you forgot about and the feeling of going back to school. Oh wait I don't do that anymore...but it brings back those fun memories of the first day of school.

T. mom

U. Unknown fact about me...I can do a kick ass Snow White impression

V. Vegetable...Sweet potatoes..does that count?

W. Worst habit...playing with my eyelashes ( I know weird)

X. XRay or Ultrasound...Ultrasound! Best thing ever when you have a baby in your belly!!

Y. Your favorite food...Too many to count! But my moms home made tortillas and refried beans! So dang good!

Z. Zodiac Sign...Aries. I am on the last day to be an Aries.
That's it folks! Until next time!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello... Are You Still There??

Oh good.

Sorry for going all M.I.A. on you.

Sophia is going through a cranky, teething, does not want to sleep phase. So my blog time has been greatly interrupted!

Sophia checking in with Grama explaining how she doesn't want to sleep anymore. She told Grama that now that she is eating again she doesn't need sleep. I overheard Sophia say "sleep is for wimps"...

Speaking of Grama my mom has started a blog of her own. You can check it out here!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nine Months Oh My!

On Sunday Sophia turned 9 months. Wasn't it just yesterday I said she was 6 months?? Like I have said about 1,000 times on this blog time is just flying by!!! Pretty please slow down.

Sophia had her well baby check up yesterday and all is good. She weighs a whopping 17.5 lbs (with clothes on)! She is petite for her age but healthy. I'm sure she would have weighed more if she hadn't gone on a hunger strike all week! I think she has stopped the strike and is starting to eat like her old food lovin self! Finally.

Today Sophia, her boyfriend Alex and Emmalynn had a pool party. Holla! They were so cute! Sophia wore her "beach volleyball" swimsuit. That would be her sporty bikini. The girl has three different suits to choose from. Her momma has issues when it comes to buying swimsuits. Can't get enough!!

Alex hot tubbin it up with da ladies!
(Sophia being a bit of a toy hog)

These toys taste sooo good!

Sun worshipper

Drying off and chilling with some apple juice yo!

Peace out homies!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bits And Pieces

Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been busy and I didn't know what to write about. Some days my mind just draws a blank! My mind still is a bit unsure what to write so I will just tell you some random bits and pieces.

I went to Church on Sunday! I got the courage up and finally went to a local church I had been wanting to visit. Sophia and I had a lovely time. Sophia acted like a little angel through the whole service. She loved it when we sang and she loved the stained glass window the church has. She really desperately wanted my mini Communion cup filled with grape juice. Bad idea. Anyways at the end of the service I met a really nice lady. She asked if I would be interested in joining in on their mommy group. I was like heck ya! I love me some mommy groups!! Seriously I love meeting new people and am excited to get to know women from this church!

I am really starting to feel like Calgary is home. We have lived here for a year and half. I feel like this is my community now. The area I am in has a small town vibe and I really dig it. Did I just say dig it? I did. I am getting involved in my community and gosh darnit I love it. I also signed up to volunteer at the old folks home. Sophia and I will visit weekly starting in August to brighten up the days of seniors.

(Ok I am sounding very Pollyana-ish. Maybe this will give me more street cred...)

I haven't had a cell phone in about 3 years. I had one once that I never really used. I am cool like that. However I told Chris I really wanted a cell in case of emergencies. I just wanted a basic phone, nothing fancy. My only request was that it be pink. Somehow I got a blackberry!! How crazy is that?!? I love it. It's pink. It's awesome. When I get a call/email/text I get crazy excited. The only problem I can never answer it on time because I get too excited I end up dropping it or I get so flustered I push the wrong buttons. I told you I was cool like that.

I am going to have a garage sale on Saturday with my neighbor friend Jeannie. I can't wait to rid my house of all my useless stuff that I have been hanging onto. It will feel so good to be done with it. Whatever I don't sell will be shipped off to the goodwill. Good riddance!!

Sophia is still being super finicky with eating. It is making me crazy. All she wants to eat is sweet potatoes and cheerios. What a well balanced diet. I am wasting so much food trying to get her to eat something else. I would like this phase to be over with now thank you.

And a post would not be complete with out some Sophia photos....

Did you know I have two teeth..I'm soo excited!!
Hanging Dora by her ankles...

P.S. I made the barrettes Sophia is wearing in all these photos. Go me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Housemaids Knee

I am so domestic I even have 'housemaids knee'. I think.

For the last two weeks I have been complaining that my knee is bothering me. I generally complain a lot so Chris doesn't pay much attention to me. My knee hurts when I kneel to give Sophia her bath or in general when I bend. It also gets aggravated when I do small fast movements like removing forgotten garlic bread that's on fire in the oven. That's another story. Ahem Sara.

Anyways last night I looked at my knee while I was sitting and noticed how swollen it was on the side. I have this huge lump on my knee. It freaked me out. I had instant thoughts of tumors, cancer and everything awful. I ran and showed Chris and was like "see, see I am not making it up my knee is messed up and scary looking!!" He agreed. Now I am all worried so I looked up knee swelling on Google.

I found this ....

"Prepatellar bursitis, also known as housemaid's knee, is a common cause of swelling and pain on top of the kneecap. The name "housemaid's knee" comes from the association of this condition with individuals whose work necessitates kneeling for extended periods of time."

I am so domestic always cleaning and working long hours on bended knee that I now have a condition. Heehee ok I may be exaggerating a bit. Never the less I am still a bit freaked about seeing this lump on my knee. Sophia has her 9 month well baby check up on Wednesday so I will ask the Doc about my scary looking and uncomfortable knee.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special Prayer Request!

Hello all my family and friends spread all over the world! I have a special prayer request to ask of you! I have made a great new bloggy friend named Heather she is going through some challenging and scary times! If you could please add her to your prayers! She has two beautiful kids and a precious pug who need a healthy mommy! We all know the power of prayer! Just look at Chris and my dad. Two walking miracles!! Thank you friends!

We are praying for you Heather!! Sophia and I give you big hugs!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Purple Princess

Not sure what happened with my picture alignment, oopsie! I would go back and change it except I have really super important things to do like go watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

I just wanted to share with you some pictures of my purple princess in the grass. I plonked her down on the grass and she was not to sure about it all. She was all like "mommy where is my lovely protective blanket? This green stuff feels awfully prickly"

(On a side note Sophia now eats cheerios. Whoo hooo! She also eats grated cheese, yogurt, egg yolk and chopped up bananas and peaches. HOWEVER suddenly the last few days Sophia has decided to not eat?!!!?!! It makes me all nervous and worried. She usually eats like a champ and has a great appetite. She now barely takes two bites of food and only drinks a quarter of her bottle. What is going on? I am not sure what to do. Is this normal??? Would it have something to do with her getting her two bottom teeth? Her teeth have broken through. So I am just wondering why she has decided to go on a hunger strike.

Any other mommies out there been through this or have any idea what is up?? Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!)

This is classic Sophia face!....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Portrait Of A Crazy Woman

Every once and a while I feel the urge to take a self portrait with Sophia. The urge usually hits when I have put on makeup and styled my hair. Since no one else is around to capture this rare occurrence I take it upon myself to catch this small but powerful miracle.

Sophia used to cooperate much better in these 'self portraits'.... not so much anymore.

Sophia look at the camera

Please just look up sweetie...

Pretty please?
There's the ticket!!! We got a good one...

Yes, Sophia your crazy mother is now done. We can go play.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Interrupt This Fourth Of July....

To tell you that Miss Sophia Grace is finally getting her bottom two teeth!!!

They have broken on through!! Two at once. I can feel them and I can see them.

Go Sophia, Go Sophia!

Mommy Does Another Photo Shoot

A couple days ago we had a rainy grey day. It was the perfect day for Sophia to wear her really cute sweater. I was worried that she was not going to get a chance to wear it since it's summer and she just now fits it. (The pressure of making sure she doesn't miss any cute outfit opportunities is very stressful on me) Anyways, in my obsessive compulsive 'got to get a picture of everything' disorder I give you Sophia in her really cute sweater photo shoot....

Up close and personal....

Pondering life...

Spying on the neighbors...

oh look toggles, how fun ....

Are we done yet???

I'm getting bored...

Ok now I am just angry, you won't like it when i'm angry....

Ok Ok Sophia we are done, geez. - mom