Friday, March 28, 2008

We Have A Teether In The House

Sorry for the delay in posting! I usually get on the computer after Sophia has gone to bed and all is calm in the Pearson household. However, for the last two nights Sophia has not stayed asleep. She will go down to sleep after her night time ritual which involves a bath, bottle and a snuggle. She usually stays asleep until around 2am. But the last few nights she has woken up every hour or every half hour. It is very frustrating for me and I know for her! I am sure she is teething. She cries a different cry than normal. It's an 'I'm in pain' cry and it breaks my heart. During the day she is her happy little self. She chews on her hands, toys, my face and anything she can get her mini hands on. She has also had a bit of a runny nose with no other cold symptoms and rosy cheeks. All tell tale signs of teething. I give her the recommended amount of Tylenol at night to help her sleep but it doesn't seem to help. Last night I ended up taking her into bed with me. I am sure I will do the same thing again tonight. She still wakes up mind you just not as often.

I met with a few of my mommy and me friends today. We gathered at the mall since it was a bit too chilly to go for a walk. Most of the babies are all Sophia's age and they ALL sleep through the night and have for months now. Arrg! No fair. All I want to know is HOW do all these other babies sleep all night. What am I doing wrong??? I rented out the whole 'How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night' section from my local library. Nothing helped. She is perfection by day, by night she is another story! Even when she is not teething she wakes up twice and is ready for action by 7am. Mommy however is NOT ready for action. If you know me you know I LOVE sleeeeeeping! I get my best sleep in the mornings, always have. I was passed on the genetic blessing of insomnia. So I fight for my sleep at night. Meanwhile Chris is blissfully snoring away.... another factor in my poor sleeping. So do you feel sorry for me yet? Ha!

Sophia, Mommy loves you know matter what. You could cry all day and be awake all night and I would still think you were the best most amazing baby on the planet!

I don't have any new pictures uploaded and Chris is wanting to watch a movie so I will leave you with some pictures of Sophia's adorable bedroom...where she should sleep like an angel.

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Heather said...

Hi-Ok so I am going back through your blog and this one cracked me up. Ella is almost 5 months (saturday) and she is STILL not sleeping through the night. I don't know is Sophia is yet or not but if you have figured out the trick to sleeping through the night LET. ME. KNOW!! NOW!