Saturday, July 11, 2009

summer holiday

Just wanted to let you know we will be gone for a few weeks.

It is time for our annual road trip to visit family across BC

Enjoy the sunshine!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

oh canada

For a good laugh look at these outtakes!
All in the hopes of a cute picture.
This is in a span of about 15 seconds
Oh the drama

But we got a cute one, little goober!

Here are some more photos from Canada Day

(maybe we should look into our self timer)

I really can't stand this photo of me BUT Sophia is smiling and looks cute. It's a mommy sacrifice!
Sophia and her little buddy Alex.
This playground was awesome because everything was just their size which meant it saved me from having heart attacks in fear of her falling off.

jumping is her new favorite thing!

Classic Sophia face, so funny !

We had a fun and happy Canada Day and I wish all of my American family and friends a happy Fourth of July!!