Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i got a fancy phone

chris and i got new phones - like really cool "rich people" phones

i know i am a bit slow on the trend of the instagram photos - but whatever!!

okay okay i dont even have instagram i have the android phone versions but again i say whatever!!

it is so handy to have my fancy phone to take photos with me on the go or even just at home when i dont want to get out our real camera :)

so without further ado i give to you my first phone pictures

i know i know sooooo exciting!! try to contain your excitement!

can you find sophia?

my pretty new christmas wreath that i made - huzzah for burlap!

bathrobe cutie!

learning to tie her shoes with auntie sara


Monday, November 7, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

what a fun halloween


aunty sandy's halloween party (a) you and finn starting to decorate your pumpkins (b) mummytastic finnley (c) livia and her mommy (d) cutest little jedi cousin mason - poking himself with a lightsaber (e) love the mummy pumpkins (f) finished pumpkins (g) sophia's kitty (h) mason - cant get enough of him


(a) becoming dorothy (b) annual chili night at friends before trick or treating (c) posing pretty with your friends before heading of to trick or treat (d) silly photo with friends (e) laughing it up ( f) totally rocked trick or treating such a big kid (g) looks like mommy and daddy hitting up a house for candy but you were hidden behind me, you asked for a little back up on this extra spooky spectacular house (h) a little bonfire action and a little tasty treat from your bag full of candy to end the night (i) back home we said hello to g&g and we had to have a good look at all that candy!!

we started celebrating halloween early on saturday at your aunt sandy's fun halloween party. you made a kitty cat pumpkin and ate all sorts of spooky treats. sunday you went to church as dorothy gale and had a great time with your fellow dressed up friends with grama leading the pack. monday it was preschool party time. i stayed with you in the class and we partied it up preschool style. mommy made marshmallow treats again - this time orange colored chocolate with a candy corn on top. sugar high goodness. later that night we went to karla's house and ate the best chili complete with all the yummy toppings. second year in a row tradition. you and your girlfriends went trick or treating. totally proud of you. you mostly kept up with your friends who are one year older. you and paige held hands most of the night and braved the spooky houses together. you both remembered to say thank you and happy halloween to each person (even if some of the happy halloweens came after they closed the door) you were so cute it hurt.

amazing how much more i enjoy holidays now that i have my sweet sophia!