Tuesday, September 13, 2011

show and tell

i just have to share with you some of the treasures i came home with - treasures that belonged to my grama and grampa peragallo

a few weeks back we rearranged our house

i have had these photos sitting here to share with you since then - blog motivation where did you go?

anyways we finally have our old dining table back in action

i cant tell how good it feels to have a proper table - not just an island to eat at

friends you can come over now and i wont make you eat on the sofa!

in a nutshell we moved our tv room downstairs to the playroom

my dad built a wall separating our space from my parents

it is great to have the extra space and the added privacy

again to my dad - you are amazing!

i will show you the downstairs another day when it is painted

master bedroom details

1. my nightstand - above it hangs my 32nd birthday present from my dad - a poem called 'my daughter' it is so lovely - on the back it was originally dated and given to florence on her 21st birthday, august 16th, 1931 - love it

2. my grama carmens typewriter- my heart leaped with happiness when i found it in her home - my grama loved to write stories and this is what she used to do so

3. i had printed out some of my favorite photos of sophia to use in a project - that project never happened but i wanted to still look at them everyday - so i hung them on twine and used clothespins. fast easy and cheap *i wont make the joke that i really want to make here*

4. this you guys is just amazing - my grama carmen left me two special things in her will - the first being this hand crocheted queen size blanket - my love of it is hard to even describe - it is so fine and delicate looking but it is so heavy and sturdy you wouldnt believe - it is now lovingly on our bed


in these pictures you can see

the beautiful crocheted blanket

my nightstand (which one day i will paint - i found the two night stands at value village for 5.99 - then a couple weeks later i found the matching dresser at sally anne - i was one happy camper)

the old window (turned pseudo head board) that was hanging on my dads shed - he let me steal it from him and when i turned it over it had all this lovely chippy paint - i fell in love instantly - inside the window i have hanging a linen that came from my gramas linen closet - i need a close up picture it is really lovely

a vintage looking hanger that i purchased a few months ago in fort langley - my sister gina, my cousin kristin and her roommate brittany were all visiting and we spent a lovely day antiquing - it was a very fun day indeed

attached to the hanger are some peragallo family photos - my dashing grampa in his military uniform - the photograph is lovingly signed "to my dearest darling wife love and kisses, joe" - swoon - the other photo is my dad and his older brother joe


here is our new and improved dining room which was once our tv room

we brought in our rather large dresser which was overtaking our bedroom - we are now using it as a sideboard - i quite like it here as it gives me more kitchen storage and a pretty display area


do you see that amazingly wonderful bird cage?

did you know i have wanted a vintage bird cage for a long long long time?

do you know that i could never find one that was right?

that little bird cage of awesomeness belonged to my grandparents and it had been hanging in their kitchen nook for as long as i have had memories - the happiness to know it is now mine to treasure and admire on a daily basis is just remarkable

i also brought home the white platter from my grandparents

on top of the platter rests a vintage milk glass pyrex dish that i found at a thrift shop in california - i need to do an update on all the glorious pyrex i have accumulated - its a bit of a problem but i love it so!


inside my white frame i have housed two little prints i picked up at the beginning of the summer at an estate sale - i love them very much - the estate sale is a post in itself - i now have a cupboard full of vintage linens, tablecloths and aprons that i adore - i could have purchased everything that day


close up of the birdcage - we have a little white wooden bird nested inside now that was not present at the time of the photo - it looks very darling and sophia loves it


these beautiful doilies belonged to my grama - i would assume that she made them or perhaps my great grama lola did - my aunt deann mentioned that a lot of the linens i brought home were hand made by them both

how lucky am i?

i had the best compliment on my home the other day that i think i could receive - my parents had a church picnic in the garden last weekend and i showed a few ladies that i had never met before our home - they just moved here from brazil - the older lady of the two who could only speak a little english grabbed my hand and looked in my eyes and said "your home is filled with so much love i can feel it" i had to choke back tears - that made me so happy because that is all i want - a home filled with love - having my grandparents precious belongings just adds to the layers of love i want my home to have - generation upon generations of love