Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I know it's been forever and a day since I last posted.

A few weeks back I had written a fabulous super long picture filled post.

I was witty and the words just flowed from my fingertips...

it was the best post of my life.

Then my computer froze, blogger error'ed and i lost the whole entire post.

It was one of those moments where I was like "nooooooooooooo" and I couldn't move my eyeballs from the screen because I couldn't believe what had just happened.

I was too drained from the experience to re-do it all and suddenly my wit and my free flowing fingertips vanished.

But I needed that break.

I needed to clear my head, shake off my fog.

I really want to say thank you for everyone who emailed and gave me comment love.

You guys really made me feel so good and so loved. Thank you!!

Since I last posted I feel so much happier, content, peaceful and full of anticipation.

I know good things are in store for us. I feel it in my heart.

Through this tough year we have grown as a family.

We have learned a lot and have a new appreciation for what we have.

I am truly a blessed girl!

Sophia is growing so fast. She is the most awesome girl.

She is in such a great stage right now.

It's like all of a sudden things are jiving again. Most likely it's because I am in a happier place.

She is talking up a storm. Full sentences. Full of funny.

She sounds like she is from Boston. Hilarious. Her little girl Boston accent is the best.

She is at an age where I can reason with her. I can explain things to her and she totally gets it.

This makes life a whole heck of a lot easier! Less battles, less meltdowns.

The girl loves to be out and about. She is happiest when we have things to do and people to see.

She is social but she is shy. So shy.

She loves to be out with other friends her age but it takes her a while to warm up. She will play by herself and then eventually mingle with her buddies. If it is just her and one other kid she is not shy but in group settings she is. She won't talk much around people she is not familiar with. She does her shy smile and sometimes hides her face with her hands. But as soon as she is alone with me she won't stop talking about them or what she did.

She loves babies. We were able to see both my little nieces in the last month and a half. She talks about them both almost daily and if she see's a baby in real life she goes into this high pitched voice "hi baby" "you want to hold my hand?" So stinkin cute.

The girl is a rockstar about playing hide and seek. She is freakishly good at it for being just two. It is her favorite thing to do. ever. We play it every night before dinner. All three of us play and the laughter involved is awesome.

She is so polite. She is definitely a Canadian! After everything I do I hear a "thank you mom". She says please for everything. Even things she doesn't want. Her most used line is "don't want to please". It's so sweet that she almost gets away with things. almost. The one area we need to work on is saying sorry. She has a major stubborn streak when it comes to that. When she finally says it she will whisper it so you can barely hear her. "Sorry" and then she does her shy smile. We will get there... at least she is now saying it. That took a long time.

I love her with every fiber of my being. It's so cool that she is my little buddy now. We can have talks and conversations and go shopping. We have so much fun together. We both get each others humour. We laugh a lot. Yet even though she is getting to be such a big girl she still needs my snuggles and hugs and kisses.

Speaking of her being "a big girl" (which she now tells me she is 10 times a day) here is a cute story. When my 3 year old nephew Sam came for a visit a few weeks ago he kept saying he was a big boy. The day they left I asked Sophia if she needed help with something and she replied "no i a big boy". So adorable.

I could go on and on.....

Are you still reading? My fingers just seem to keep on typing.

One more thing.

Chris has an interview March 4th for a great job working for Parks Canada.

It is a government job which means many awesome things. Security, benefits, good salary and lots of perks.

He is the perfect candidate for this job. So please pray and think positive vibes that he will be chosen!

The application process started back in October and he has made it through every stage and is now onto the last stage which is an interview and a presentation. It is definitely nerve wracking and we are guessing there are probably about 10 or so other candidates.

I totally know that he is gonna rock it!

I will leave you now with a picture I took today of Sophia.

I totally get a mommy FAIL in the picture taking department. It doesn't help that Sophia hates getting her picture taken. I don't know why? Could it be because I used to take 3 billion of her a day?

Sophia chose her outfit today and she did a mighty fine job. She asked for her "springtime jacket" and her "summer shoes". Made me smile so big. I never called these items that before. She came up with that on her own. I don't think she could be more of a girl if she tried!! Of course she had to have her purse too. She filled it up with ribbons, buttons and her car keys :)


P.S. that is her "say cheese" face. It's a totally phony over done smile. When she does her on demand smile she always winks one eye. I love it.