Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sam And Sophia The Best Of Friends

Oh how we LOVE Samuel! He is so full of smiles, laughs and silliness. The thought of having Gina , Sam and of course Matt move away just makes me feel a little queasy. I could almost cry as I type this. Oh mommy get a grip. That is what Sophia would tell me if she could talk. I am of course thrilled for them and can truly appreciate the impact it all means. But on a purely selfish note I don't want them to leave. I am allowed to be selfish it's my blog. I didn't grow up with cousins living nearby. I always wished we did. Summer's were the best. Going to California and seeing all the family in one fell swoop. Swimming all day long in G&G's pool, eating red vines, donut holes and Cheetos's with pruned fingers (maybe this was why I was always chubby, hmmmm) Not the point. The point being..wait what was the point? Oh right... I was always sad that we had to leave and go home. I wish I grew up with my cousins. BUT I guess the silver lining is that I have the best memories a girl could ask for. I just hope Sam and Sophia and any future cousins will have the same joy filled memories as I did.

Sam is starting to notice Sophia in a new light. Not in a hey can I poke her, sit on her, grab her head kind of way. He now says "hi" to her. Wants to give her hugs and rock her in her car seat and is learning to be "gentle".

Sam givin' some suga'.....

Sam we will miss you and your Yoda hair...

We love you Auntie Gina and Samwise

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