Monday, March 24, 2008

My First Easter - As Told by Sophia

Easter is so much fun! I woke up to an array of goodies! The Easter Bunny left me a fuzzy bunny basket that sings "Happy Easter, Happy Easter" and wags it's little bunny tail! Inside was lots of treats and my first My Little Pony! Her name is Toola Roola. I love her. I played with her all day. Mom read to me from my Bible story book. I am a very good listener. I even helped mom turn the pages and hold the book! The best part of the day was that I got to wear a dress for the very first time! Mom and Dad told me I looked so pretty in my Easter best! Later we went to Auntie Sara's and Uncle Dave's house for an Easter egg hunt and brunch. Sam and Auntie Gina came as well. I jumped around in my jolly jumper and showed off my lungs! We even went to the park and played in the sunshine! I loved my first Easter! Mom said next year I can even eat some of the treats! This year mommy and daddy will eat them for me!

The Easter Bunny went a little overboard....

Here I am wearing my pretty pink dress....

Here is Mommy and me

What a good Easter we had together, time for some hugs

Love Sophia xox

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