Thursday, January 31, 2013

five years old

lets rewind back to october 13th 2012 shall we?

your fifth birthday landed on a saturday. which is super cool because you got to have your party on your actual birthday. no waiting. it makes things much more in the moment and exciting. no waiting for the weekend to celebrate. it was one full day of ballerina fun with your friends.

we partied it up at your auntie sara's house. more room for the five year olds to play. next year i am seriously thinking of doing an outside of the home birthday party. im just sayin because - you girls be crazy.  you look so innocent. your auntie and i might have been found after the party rocking ourselves back and forth in the corner.

i tried to keep it simple this year. ballerina decorations, cupcakes, overly sugary treats (this might have instigated the crazy), our classic tradition of pigs in a blanket, games with balloons, practicing dancing skills, pin the tiara on the princess you know the usual party flare.

here are some of the pictures from your party miss sophia

 photo friends-1_zps3404b58e.jpg
some of your girl friends as we were waiting for the other guests to arrive - sarah, sophia, julia, morgan and brooklyn
 photo sophiaisfive_zpsd5334d0f.jpg
the five year old!
 photo fiveyearsold_zpsbf222f9e.jpg
 photo DSC_0119_zpsce2df39b.jpg
the table set and ready
 photo DSC_0118_zps744027f0.jpg
before the party
 photo ballerinagirl_zps19ea461e.jpg
loved your sweet cupcake toppers - perfect for my ballerina girl
 photo cupcaketower_zps5cab4bc2.jpg
 photo DSC_0101-1_zpsed2d4c77.jpg
i lovingly and painfully (curse you hot glue gun!) made each one of your friends a special head band tiara to wear and take home
 photo sophiaauntiesara_zps88913e05.jpg
your special gift from auntie sara. she introduced you to the world of american girl. you got a miniature kit doll with a little book. you love her and play and sleep with her. she also gave you a couple magazines to look through of all the different dolls they make. so much fun to day dream with.
 photo manners_zps2f33b987.jpg
ahh yes there's my girl. that's nice.
 photo DSC_0175_zpsc21006b4.jpg
you and your best friend sarah. you two have know each other and clicked since first year preschool when you guys were only two!! since then you have gone through preschool, two years of dance and now kindergarten together. this photo sums up your personalities quite well. sarah is the ever charming and sweet girl and you are your own unique self who doesn't quite fit into any molds. you do your own thing yes you do.
 photo girlfriends2_zps67d637b2.jpg

 photo iwasthere_zps3e21c4e9.jpg
proof i was there. you picked out which blouse i should wear - you dubbed it the "birds kissing shirt". you forgot to tell me to take off my sports watch.
 photo ladylike_zps2f0c8579.jpg
enjoying your pigs in a blanket in not the safest or lady like manner.

here are some instagram snap shots...

 photo IMG_20121013_185141_zpsdae623cf.jpg
oh yes, you girls decorated your own wands. you bejeweled the heck out of those wands. i was proud.
 photo IMG_20121013_184727_zps10b5b148.jpg
present time!
 photo IMG_20121011_145412_zpsce0e7942.jpg
day before the party - inspector of the goody bags!
 photo IMG_20121010_153427_zps7010a887.jpg
i channeled my inner five year old and glamorized
 photo IMG_20121011_145046_zpsa550aa9b.jpg
 heck yes we made froot loop marshmallow treats! we also brought these into your class as a special treat. your teacher thanked me especially.
 photo IMG_20121011_145237_zps8247d8a3.jpg
goody bag loot
 photo IMG_20121011_145517_zpsa96c78ba.jpg
the bags were just too cute
 photo IMG_20121013_184903_zps6d857f30.jpg
random black and white - so artistic
 photo IMG_20121013_113402_zpsaf532975.jpg
your big present from mom and dad was a new bike! you may not look thrilled in this photo but deep down inside you were jumping for joy. your welcome for giving you a bike at the beginning of the very cold and rainy season. we are awesome like that.

so far the three months of being an official five year old have been awesome. you are so smart and quirky. i like trying to think like you do. because it is not always the way mommy thinks. mommy's old lady brain gets stuck but your imagination is endless. never stop. love you!