Monday, April 27, 2009

1.5 Going On 15

Here are some recent pics of little miss.

Her mommy fails at taking pictures these days let alone getting them up on the blog.

Life has been good. Good and busy. I am now officially 30 and am loving it! I was spoiled beyond belief!! I love being spoiled.

Photographic evidence of my little 15 1.5 year old

Attitude much?

Taiya and Sophia in their matching strollers and pouts at the zoo! Sophia had so much attitude coming off of her! Slouching and pouting, great combination!

The attitude eventually faded and fun was had!

We got to see these cuties at the zoo!

Girlfriends who are too cool for school!
"we don't need strollers, we got it" - Sophia and Taiya
Freedom is what makes those pouts go away!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Goes Out To My Girl Christina

This post has nothing to do with Sophia and everything to do with my girl Christina.

I met Christina in Grade 12.

We hit it off right away. She is full of life and fun. We have a blast together.

She is my girl who understands the importance of cross border shopping just to go to Target and Taco Bell.

We can not see each other for months and months and when we get together it is like no time has passed.

So let me tell you a little something else about my girl Christina.

Since I have known her she has been in love with New Kids On The Block.

I never loved NKOTB.

But I loved that she loved them so much.

(Christina even made me have a fling with Howie from The Backstreet Boys.....but that's another story)

ANYWAYS... why I am writing this post is because Christina's dream came true and it seriously makes my heart skip a beat with happiness for her!

For Christina's 30th birthday her sister and her went to Victoria to see NKOTB in concert.

You have to take a Ferry to get to Victoria.


You know it!!
Christina got to meet Joe, Jordan & Donnie!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg

I love ya girl!!


I wish we could celebrate together!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sneak Peak

Sophia and her baby on Easter Sunday.
This is just a sneak peak for the Grama's and Auntie's out there!
(p.s. you can now click on the picture to get a bigger image)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where do I even start?

It has been so long. So very long.

I even used my mom as a cop out so I didn't have to write a post.

Not that I don't want to.

I want to. I just don't have a moment of my own these days.

And it sucks!!

Let's go over some basics that have been going on in Sophia's and my world.

My world:

  • I got a new laptop. It is fabulous and it looks really pretty. It makes me happy.

  • I will be 30 in 12 days!!! holy crap.

  • I have skin that suddenly thinks it is a teenager. So annoying. 30 with acne is just what I always dreamed of.

  • I am craving a #32 from Phoa Ha.

  • I went to the gym this morning. A small miracle.

  • The reason I went to the gym was because my awesome parents bought me an ipod for my bday! How cool are they? And I now I am finally one of the cool kids. And now it means I don't have to use this pathetic taped up mp3 player anymore...

  • I am still not a morning person. Sophia please take note.

  • I work 20 hours a week and am still a full time stay at home mom. I work when Sophia naps, evenings and weekends. Hence the reason I cant blog or do anything creative or fun any more, boo. But it is worth it. I don't have to leave my baby girl. My husband isn't on the brink of exploding from the stress of not enough money. Life as busy as it is... is now easier, does that make sense?

  • I am determined to not be a fat cow anymore. Somehow by some miracle I will make this happen. I need a Canadian Biggest Loser (Except I would never leave Sophia, so that wouldn't really work).

  • Everyone around me is pregnant. My sister, my sister in law and my neighbor friend. I am so excited for them! I love hearing their stories and reliving the same feelings I felt in those first months. Of course it makes me want another one. Just not quite yet. I have to take care of the above mentioned note. Then I can gain all the weight back...except of course I would be super careful and eat only veggies and lean meats. Buwhhahahahahaha oh sometimes I kill myself.

  • I'm tired and will probably regret mentioning that I am fat cow tomorrow morning.

Sophia's world:
  • Sophia is almost 1.5 years old. holy crap.

  • She loves her babies and bears and blankies and baby bottles. She loves B words. She is the cutest lil mommy ever. She feeds them and cuddles them. She walks them around in her new stroller.

  • She had a severe bath phobia for a few weeks. Which really made things difficult. Sponge baths can only do so much. She somehow finally got over her fear and now I have to plead and beg her to come out.

  • Sophia sleeps like a champ (knock on wood, knock on wood) Ever since she was 14 months old I have had a solid nights sleep (knock on wood, knock on wood) I thank my sister Gina who told me like it was. Let her cry. I only let her cry it out for two nights and it was never more than a 10 minute cry and poof just like that she slept like a champ. All I have to do is lay her down and say good night and she falls asleep on her own. She sleeps from 7:30pm to 7:30 am.

  • Sophia doesn't have any more bottles. The soother on the other hand... oh my she is addicted! The addiction has only gotten worse. I should have gotten rid of them long ago when I still had a say in things. I'm going to have to google 'how to stop my infants soother addiction'.

(yes, she prefers her soo-soo upside down)

  • I have to take in all of Sophia's pants. 18 month clothes are huge on the waist but she needs them for length. How she is my daughter I do not know. Because I have never I repeat never have had this problem.

  • She also doesn't really care about TV. She doesn't like potatoes. She hates cheese. She hates anything in her hair. She loves cantaloupe. She would rather not wear pants.

  • She is FINALLY starting to talk!! It makes my heart skip a beat. She now says baby, book, bath, bum, belly, bye, hi, hot, drink, duck, sock and walk. I'm sure she says more I just cant decipher her code yet. She also repeats me now which is really beyond adorable!

  • She lets me know what she wants by nodding her head with an enthusiastic smile or shaking her head no with a furrowed brow. For instance "Sophia do want a drink"? shakes head no with a furrowed brow. "Do you want a cracker"? shakes head with a furrowed brow. "Do you want a soo-soo"? nods head with a very very enthusiastic smile.