Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


reunited and it feels so good!

the last time we saw jada she was about 4 months old. she is now 10 months old and is still such a complete sweetheart. her smile lights up the room. i pretty much just want to keep her forever. i love babies! i miss having a little peanut around.

grampa joe and grama lola these pictures are for you! a picture-fest of your little granddaughters together! get ready to swoon...

July 2010 170

July 2010 178

July 2010 181

July 2010 186

July 2010 194

this is jada's mommy her name is sandy and she is chris' sister (in case you didn't know)

July 2010 219

this is me. jada wasn't too sure about the grass or having her picture taken.

July 2010 214

an attempt at a group picture with the girls. sophia was not feeling it and was actually picking grass and sprinkling it on me in this pic. jada just wanted her mommy. oh well. we will try again next visit!

July 2010 216

Friday, July 16, 2010

sunny days in the sandbox

grampa bob built sophia her own private beach.

her very own sandbox that is!

i highly recommend every parent get their child a sandbox.

you want a little quiet time to yourself?

get a sandbox!

sophia will play in it it is fabulous!!

she has quite the sweet set up outside. sandbox and pool right next to each other. we haven't done anything else the last few days but play on the deck. the weather has been perfect. not too hot (where i start to lose it). just right.

the only problem with a sandbox? sandy floors. i feel like we live at the beach because I am constantly sweeping up sand, sand in the bathroom, sand in the sink, sand in clothes...

a small price to pay for the happiness it brings my sophia!

Thanks grampa bob we love it xo

July 2010 047

July 2010 049

pretty new sun hat from grama

July 2010 052

July 2010 079

July 2010 082

showing her real colors....cheeesy smile face

July 2010 068

July 2010 072

Saturday, July 3, 2010

like grandfather like granddaughter

who doesn't dig in the dirt wearing a pink skirt??

she is so in love with her grampa!

always always wants to do what grampa is doing.

full of a million questions for him.

"what you doin' gwampa"?

"why you diggin' that gwampa"?

"momma i wanna see what gwampa doin"

grampa's helper

grampa's little helper focusing on the task at hand

digger girl 2

she is also his garden fairy, flitting all around and exploring his garden.


makes my heart happy.

Friday, July 2, 2010


the day finally arrived.

the day i finally got to get my target on.

i have been waiting oh so patiently.

it has been years since i last visited the states.

i have dual citizenship.

i was born and raised (until 10) in the states and then we moved to canada.

i got my dual citizenship when i was 20 or maybe i was 21 (somewhere around there).

anyways my point is this. i always feel the pull of my homeland country calling my name. it says laura come visit me, come shop, come see the sights. as soon as i cross the border into the u.s.a. i feel happy and at home and somehow lighter. (haha stop laughing)

dont get me wrong i love canada. very much. but i always feel a pull and a patriotism towards my homeland. all my extended family are in the states. can i get a what up to california? shout out to idaho, oregon and washington, holla!! i grew up in idaho, spent every summer in california and we would drive up the coast through washington and oregon on our way to cali. visiting family along the way. so many good times!!

so when sara arrived last thursday for a visit we through caution to the wind and went on an impromptu run for the border.

you see when we moved back to b.c. we put some money aside for a clothing fund for chris, sophia and i. we all really needed new clothes. the money was literally burning a hole in my pocket.

i knew where i needed to go and her name was target.


and this is what happens when your mommy is let loose and actually allowed to shop...

(sophie's loot) amazingly cute stuff, i found kids clothes were a better deal than adult clothes. i know where soph's pre-school wardrobe will come from. just sayin'.

June 2010 056

momma's loot...oh ya....

June 2010 058

miss model trying on some of her new apparel

June 2010 045

cutest little jacket ever...cutest little dress underneath too...doesn't exactly go together but we don't care. also, you can never go wrong with a jumbo lipsmacker courtesy of auntie sara. she has not put it down since getting it. she has the most moisterized lips ever. so does mommy.

June 2010 054

so my target craving has been satisfied for now.

i had to put back the cutest bedding ever and it hurt. bad.

don't even get me started on anthropologie. i will get to you soon my pretty.

i will be visiting the states again on the 10th with some girlfriends....danger! now if only i was wise enough to save some of my money, buhahaha.

you know what the bonus was?? we didn't have to pay duty. thank you border guard girl, you were a kindred spirit and let us through. i will never forget you....;)