Wednesday, August 10, 2011

welcome to the peragallo's

my grandparents home

a home full of memories
so many that it is still hard for me to put things into words
driving up to my grandparents house every summer was always a highlight for me and my sisters
the neighborhood is so incredibly beautiful
streets lined with gorgeous old homes, huge trees and sunny blue skies
the kind of homes i would love to live in
an extra special part of the homes exterior is the peragallo's sign
the sign has been hanging there for as long as i have known
i have always loved that sign 
i just learned only a couple days ago that my dad made that sign in grade 9 for his parents
my love for that sign went up about 100 times
it is now hanging outside my parents home and it makes me very happy


this is my grampa joe's garage - a happy place for me
i can still hear my grampa ask me if i want a "sodie"
of course i always wanted one and into the garage we would go to get a sodie pop from the garage fridge
i usually had a root beer
i loved being in that garage with him
on this trip i spent some time in there just looking around and remembering all the good times  it was a way for me to say goodbye again to him and goodbye to the house and that special garage

the backyard - with the lemon tree

the lemon tree
this photo of sophia was taken on the day of my grama's funeral
she had a lot of fun with her cousins picking lemons from the tree
we gathered a whole bag to take home with us
we made lemonade that night



my grandmothers living room is so beautiful to me
she always kept her home so pristine
i remember visiting with her in this room
we would sit on the couch and she would sit in her elegant chair by the window
my grama's voice was just about the best - she called it her minnie mouse voice
i loved it and can hear it clear as day
by the front door was the grandfather clock - a very special piece to my grama
my grampa's ashes were kept in there after he passed away
she toasted to him every afternoon
it makes me happy knowing they are together again - there was so much love between them

the stove

i dont know the exact history of this stove
all i know is that this is the stove they used daily and it still looks brand new
i love this stove

the blue room

every grama needs a blue room
both of my grandparents have a blue room
i love them both
who doesn't feel cheery walking into a room like this


sophia and i spent two weeks in california
soaking up the sun and family
i didn't realize how much i needed to be there and do just that
it was a very special trip that will never be forgotten
i learned on this trip that my grama carmen's full name is carmelita 
carmelita corona - how beautiful is her name?
her funeral was lovely and intimate
we gathered in her backyard and it was attended by family and close friends and neighbors
it was wonderful to hear stories and connect again with my two peragallo cousins and their children
i was able to take home many treasures from my grandparents home
i cant even begin to put into words how special it was being in their home and finding family history to bring home to my sisters and sophia
i got to spend time with my aunt deann as we discovered new things that had been forgotten
it will go down in history as one of my most favorite days
thank you aunt deann for such a special day - it was wonderful seeing you
i will post some of the special items i was able to bring home on another day when they have found just the right place in my home
i love that all the things we brought home smell just like their home - i have such  smell associations with things and i never want the smell to disappear - ever

i love you grama carmen and grampa joe