Thursday, March 18, 2010

ordinary life



taken just before bed tonight by daddy.

(it's too bad we are in front of the iguana part of our alphabet...but that's ordinary life for you isn't it?)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

take a peak... my sister's blog for sophia's sleepover adventure :)

i enjoyed my time off but i am so happy to have my little pumpkin back home.

thank you so much auntie sara!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

on her way


see ya later sweet pea!

sophia just left for a sleepover with auntie sara. i know auntie only lives an hour away. i always dream of time to myself. so why is it so hard to say goodbye? i know she is safe. i know she is going to have a blast. relax laura. enjoy this time. i know that's what i would say to myself if i wasn't myself. so i'm going to relax and figure out something fun for myself to do this evening. thanks auntie sara. you are awesome!! have fun. call me. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

march smorgasbord

i want to write a post but i've got nothing.

i don't want to leave my blog empty and alone.

i do that enough to it.

so instead i will post a smorgasbord of pictures that are in my march 2010 folder.

there is no skill involved (at all) in these pictures, just fun.

they are blurry and over exposed.

but to me they are special.

and believe me they are not good for my or sophia's ego. is my face really that huge?

March 2010 068

trying to learn how to make fishy faces, haha!

March 2010 071

worst picture of me ever award. i need to learn how to do razzberries more gracefully

March 2010 069

how bout a kissy for your momma???

March 2010 073

no way mom, back it up...

March 2010 074

ha i got one!

March 2010 072

here she is just being cute playing on my chair

March 2010 269

March 2010 273

for some reason i love this photo. little cutie chubby cheeked brooklyn. sophia and her glasses. she loves them. wears them all the time. and will protest if even the smallest amount of sun is shining in her eyes. if i dont have those glasses handy? watch out.

March 2010 153

hoody towel (made lovingly by auntie sara) that matches her duvet cover (made lovingly by me) chic!

March 2010 016

p.s i still can't believe sophia is potty trained. that was too easy. she even wakes up in the night to tell me she has to go. who is this genius child?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

zoo day

today we met up with our little buddies.

our little buddies that we have known since they were all 3 months old.

the sun keeps shining in our world.

off to the zoo we go...

March 2010 212

March 2010 167

March 2010 223

March 2010 249


we love our friends.

thank you for a very fun day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

sunshine and rainbows

...and puddles!!

Sophia and I went out with my sister Sara for the first part of our day.

We did what we do best.

We lunched, coffeed and window shopped.

Once we came home Sophia was ready to get outside and play in the puddles!

We said goodbye to auntie Sara and put on Sophia's new rain boots.

It felt so good to soak up the sunshine and breathe the fresh air


It got a little chilly since the puddles were from melted snow rather than from rain

(Sophia's t-shirt says 'rainbows are hugs in the sky' such an appropriate unplanned shirt for the day)

We loved today.

It was definitely one of those rainbow and sunshine kinda days!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

potty talk

And just like that she is potty trained!

I'm a big girl now!
(is it weird that I took photo's of her on the potty?)

So proud of my big girl!

I knew that when she was ready it would click.

Some afternoons we would put on her big girl "underwears" and she would sit on the potty and try to go.

She would never actually go but she would sit there and try.

I never pushed it.

If she wanted to do it we would, if not we wouldn't.

It wasn't until a couple of days ago when she accidentally went on the floor a few times and had that uncomfortable wet feeling. She was really upset about it, even though I assured her that it was not a problem and this is how you learn.

All of a sudden things clicked and now when she feels like she has to go she tells me "mommy i pee potty" and we run like the wind and she sits on the potty.

It is awesome.

She learned on the big potty with a little trainer seat on it.

No messy cleaning up of a little potty, just flush and go. Love that!

Ever since it clicked she has not had an accident and she even goes number two on the potty. I have heard that some kids will hold number two's until they have a pull up or a night time diaper on. I didn't know how Sophia would be about it. Apparently it's not a problem for her. So happy!

(Don't you love that I am talking about going number two?)

Today we went out and bought her new big girl underwear with Strawberry Shortcake and My little Pony on them. How fun is that? She even let me know while we were shopping that she had to go and she went with no fuss in a gross public washroom.

She is awesome.

Potty trained!