Friday, July 22, 2011

grama carmen

i wanted to let you all know sophia and i will be out of town for a couple weeks

we are headed to california to celebrate the life of my wonderful grama carmen who passed away yesterday

the trip will be filled with mixed emotions

sad to say our goodbyes to grama but happy to see all our extended family

i haven't been back to california in probably 10 years

i spent every summer growing up there - i am excited to bring sophia

i have so many memories and cant seem to get my head in a place to write it all down

i am busy packing today and making sure everything is in order for our trip

you will be greatly missed grama carmen


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

an interview with sophia


last night sophia was having a tough time falling asleep.
i went in and laid in bed with her.
i started asking her some questions.
after a few questions i said we should really be writing this down - so off i went and got a pad of paper.

this is my interview with sophia straight from her mouth to the paper:

sophia what is your favorite toy?
my new baby alive doll

what is your favorite thing to do outside?
jump rope

what is your favorite thing to play?
dress up

what is your favorite food?
strawberries with sugar sprinkled on top and candy

what is your favorite thing about mommy?
that you bake with me

what do you love most about daddy?
hmm, im thinking, what is it? i know! he plays with me a lot!

sophia what do you like?
i like birdies, butterflies, flowers & caterpillars

what do you dislike?
bees & flies - oh and black and grey 
(mommy: the colors black and grey?
sophia: yeah i dont like them)

sophia what do you wish for in the whole world?
that butterflies and owls and birds would fly around in our house and i could play with them!
(that would freak mommy out - just sayin)

sophia what are you looking forward to?

why are you looking forward to halloween?
because i get to wear a costume and get presents and candy. i get to buy a bag and go trick or treating -thats my favorite! 
(not sure why she thinks she gets presents at halloween but ok)

what is your favorite tv show?
strawberry shortcake 

what was your favorite thing about preschool?
doing crafts with my friends

what is your favorite flower?|  

what do you love about auntie sara?
that she comes to our house and plays with me 

what do you love to wear?

what is your favorite color?
pink and white

sophia who is your favorite person in the whole world?

(i should have known - i wanted her to say mommy though haha) 

this is her beloved friend paige - as you can see they have a lot of fun together!!


then sophia wanted to interview me - so here is that interview

mom what did you do today?
you and i went to auntie sandy's house. mommy used their gym and we had lunch with jada, mason and auntie sandy. we came home and cleaned our house and then we danced ballet (in a nutshell)

mom what do you look forward to?
i look forward to the fall season and having more children in my life 

what is your favorite color?
light aqua (im sure there is a better name for it - but its my fave and i don't what else to call it, ha) oh and i like yellow too

what is your favorite flower?

what do you like?
i like thrift shopping, things i can fix up and vintage pyrex bowls (which sophia calls pirate bowls)

what do you really love?
i really love sophia and daddy .... and having a pretty house that is clean and tidy!

what do you like playing with me?
i like playing with you in your kitchen and playhouse, i like to bake with you and color and do crafts with you and dancing with you of course!

what do you like about me?
i love everything about you sophia! i love your kindness and sweetness, i love your imagination and creativity and your sense of humour to name just a few things!

what do you like in the whole wide world?
i like being your mommy!


pretty sure i need to do this every few months. it was such a sweet memory that i know i will always cherish. we both had fun interviewing each other and she fell asleep right away afterwards. 


a few more things
*i have about a zillion photos to post that i am so behind on 
*grama lola and grampa joe were here visiting for a week and i have photos to post from then too
*my back was out - i mean out - like i couldn't walk and i may or may not have had to go to the hospital via ambulance so that i could get relief because there was no way i could sit in a car to get there
*my parents are away for three weeks and i am in charge of the garden again - today it rained and i thanked God about 100 times!

that is all