Friday, October 29, 2010

get ready for a cousin picture-fest!

gina,sam and lola came to visit!

they stayed for one week and the time we spent together was so wonderful.

sam and sophia got along like best buds. i don't remember one time where they were not getting along. it was amazing. there is just nothing like family!!

it broke my heart to say goodbye to them. sam and lola stole my heart (like they do every time). it was so nice to spend time with my sister and just chill together. we are already planning another trip but this time i go to see them. i can't wait. january can't come soon enough!!

we love you guys!


sophia's halloween costume, she's a tough but smiley pirate!

sam the cheetah in the wild jungle of grampa's garden!

twinsies!! gina and i both unknowingly bought the same outfits for our girls!

at the park

lola bear

have i mentioned how much i love fall??

love these two little munchkins!!!

race ya!!

swing time fun!

lola and sophia

lola bear in the pumpkin basket!

pumpkin patch time, giddy up!

gonna "milk" the cow

best friends forever holding hands

oh this photo makes me laugh sophia....bend with the knees girlfriend!

my loves! it was such a fun, awesome trip and we can't wait to do it again!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

harvest party - three year old style!

pumpkins, hay bales and scarecrows oh my!
a pumpkin for each of her friends to decorate and take home
filled up with their goody bags too!
kids table

so hard to get a "normal" picture of my three year old!!

daddy's girl

some of sophia's buddies

Sophia handed out a pumpkin for each of her friends

let the decorating begin!

so focused on her art!

waiting patiently for present time!

thanking cathie for her lovely present!

3 candles!!!

make a wish birthday girl!

what a fun day!

i still can't believe sophia is three!
it was a party to remember. filled with games and treats and friends.
we played pin the tail on the raccoon, drop the pin in the bottle and decorated pumpkins!
we ate candy corn, pigs in a blanket, grapes, cheese and crackers and of course cupcakes!!
we celebrated with our friends jake,adrian,lily,julia,paige,elysia and makenna.

happy third birthday sophia grace!!


Friday, October 8, 2010

glorious october

sophia was supposed to be born on november 22nd. i had all these idyllic visions of her birth date. it seemed like the perfect date to me. all warm and cozy. the date appealed to my senses. when i realized that in fact she was coming early. the first thing that ran though my head was "what day is this?" i realized the date was october 13th. ohhh nooooooo i thought. this is so wrong. I wished she could wait one day or have come one day earlier. i just really didn't like the 13th in october. i have often felt guilty for secretly not liking her birth date. i am so wierd. i only told my mom and sisters how i actually felt. so ridiculous to get hung up on that. believe me i know. i just have some random quirks. i should just be rejoicing that i was given this amazing girl. which i am. but i would have liked to receive her one day later. see? issues.

but this year on her upcoming third birthday i am coming to grips with it. (i love how i am talking like this is such a big life shattering deal)

i was talking with my mom the other day about just how much i adore fall. everything about it is awesome. then it hit me. duh! october is glorious and sophia is so lucky that she gets to celebrate her birthday in the best month ever!! none of this november stuff. it is all about october!! as for the 13th? i will get there. baby steps people.

so to start the month off right we headed to our local pumpkin patch. which honestly is the best patch ever!! when we lived in calgary they didn't even have a pumpkin patch (gasp, the horrors!) perhaps that's why this year i was reminded about how glorious and beautiful october is. because in calgary it went from summer to winter without any autumn. im sorry my fellow calgarians for having to endure that. such a shame.

get ready for a massive influx of pumpkin patch pictures!! seriously dudes this isn't even half of them. also my camera died just as we were about to enter the actual "patch". who takes 307 pictures in a pumpkin patch?? apparently i do! thank god for the digital era!!

















... and now i am wiped out from uploading so many pictures ;) like i said my camera died so you don't get to see the pumpkins we chose. chris got a big ol' pumpkin, sophia chose two little ones and i got a white pumpkin (i always wanted a white one, it makes me happy!!). apparantly i was lucky to get one as only a few grew this year. see the early bird does get the worm!!