Friday, June 26, 2009

garage sale mayhem

I don't usually go to garage sales.

Not that I don't like them but because I am too lazy to get up that early and drive around to find them. (I get lost going to the grocery store)

However last Saturday I decided to go with my friend. She was the navigator/driver so we were safe there.

Our first stop was your average ho hum nothing special garage sale. I bought a golden book for 50 cents. (a rip off if I had known what was to come)

Our second stop was like finding a little girls dream fairy princess garage sale. I had hit the mother load. I became frantic and started piling. I couldn't stop, it was glorious. This garage sale was every girls paradise including mine.

It was the second and last stop on our trip. I needed no more. Nothing could top this.

I was on a garage sale high for the whole day. I declared to anyone and everyone about my amazing deals and finds. I am still on a bit of a high from it.

And guess who was the happiest little girl ever!!!

All of the toys pictured except the highchair were from the garage sale, holy toys batman.

(pictures are from my fuzzy blackberry)

doll bed that Sophia claimed as her own!

The lady who had the garage sale was basically giving things away. It was so cheap it hurt. Lady whoever you are I thank you and my daughter thanks you! I was very close to driving back again later to score more goodies, but I resisted. Ok more like Chris stopped me because I was obsessed.

Two side notes -

A. I usually don't let my house look like this. That day was an exception. I have tried not to let my house be taken over by plastic toys. It is hard not to. I have been really good about it...until the garage sale day! (it is now all in it's respective places and in cute storage bins) Who am i kidding? I have lost the battle of plastic toys. I am letting it go. It makes my girl happy so it makes me happy. end rant.

B. Yes, to the keen eyes out there Sophia is wearing a swim diaper over top of her real diaper and her pj shorts. Not sure how to explain this other than I left her with daddy while I garage saled it up and this is what she was wearing when I came home. In Chris' defence she is very convincing on what she wants to wear. Especially when it comes to swimwear.

Peace out. I have some Strawberry Shortcake videos to go watch with my girl.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

her favorite place to be

a clean house is a happy house

Is it to early to start chores??

She is my little helper girl...

what i learned at the church nursery

Read your bible, pray everyday and you'll grow, grow, grow!

hmm what did Jesus say?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

link love

Check out Sophia's Grama Linda's blog for a cute video!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

happy times

My immediate family came for a visit last week. We stayed two nights in beautiful Canmore. It was so lovely and the time went by too quickly!! I just wish we all lived in the same place gosh darnit.

Here is a re-cap of our adventures in Canmore.

Sophia immediately stole and horded all of cousin Sam's toys.

followed by jumping on the deck (a new and cute skill for Sophia)

A beautiful walk beside the lake and mountains

Attempting to be Maria from the Sound of Music

Sophia was not into it.
But Sam makes a cute Maria!

our light haired beauty queen

who is up there on the bench?
Why it's Grama of course! Hello world

DAY 2 - helicopter adventure!

Sam was so excited to go on Uncle Dave's helicopter!!

But then decided that he got "a little nervous"

Next year buddy, next year!
(auntie Gina and her cute baby bump)
Daddy looking pretty cool

Not mentioning names but somebody fell asleep on the 10 minute drive there.
(me in the silver car waving)

Grampa Bob and pilot Uncle Dave enjoying the rocky mountain views!

Auntie Sara looking fierce!

A good time was had by all!

We spent the two days in Canmore and then another day in Calgary at our house. I would love to say that Sophia was on her best behaviour but i found myself saying "she normally isn't like this"...a lot! Now that everyone is gone and life is back to normal she is her darling charming self.

Little stinker pot.

She is cutting her eye teeth and that has been fun!!

She has so many words now and is quite honestly at the funnest age. I can't handle the love I have for her. It is indescribable, even when she is being a stinker pot.

I need to write a post on all things Sophia very soon. I want to remember all the funny quirky things she gets up to. Time is really flying by me and I feel like I need to press the pause button to catch up. I was driving home yesterday and realized that oh my gosh Sophia turned 20 months that day. That means she will be two in 4 months. I almost had a coronary realizing this.
I still need to wrap my head around the idea of her being two. I still feel like she is my little baby. I am sure i will still be saying this when she is 30. I know my mom says it to me but now I get it.

Till next time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

under construction

if my blog looks a little crazy at the moment it's because I am playing around with my template.

I'm bored of my background and want something a little simpler.

peace out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

sneak peak

I am busy catching up on work since I took a few days off to play with my family.

Check out my moms blog for a sneak peak at what we have been up to.

I will post new pictures of our adventures soon, just as soon as I have caught up with work.

Ciao bellas!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

simple simple, easy peasy

Insomnia has been striking lately.

I heard that when you cant sleep instead of fighting it laying in bed to get up and do something.

So last night as I was struggling to find sleep I mod podged.

I have had a love affair with mod podge for quite some time.

Even my garbage pail is mod podged.

I had this idea tucked away for a while.

Take your ugly everyday mousepad and pick out some cute fabric. Add mod podge and voila a much prettier mousepad is yours!

(*side note-those little tootsies in the frame are Sophia's when she was just three days old. )

Part of my love of being crafty is buying the fabric, the paper and the supplies.

Sadly I don't use all of the beautiful papers and fabrics and they sit hidden.

So the other easy peasy project I did last night at 1:30am was to frame paper.

Simple and inexpensive. The other nice thing is if I want a new look all I have to do is swap new paper into the frames. And dont worry those little tins will be mod podged soon. I have tealights in them and they look so glowie and sparkly at night.

Instead of placing my extra fabrics in a box I displayed them on my cake platter. This cake platter was one of many used at my wedding for the table centerpiece's. We had flowers, candles and m&m's sitting on them.

So now I have a cake platter full of fabric and it looks so yummy.