Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Haircut

So I know I am really late with this post.

It happened almost two weeks ago.

Suprisingly it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be.

I saved her little locks of hair.

I will keep it in her keepsake box where I have her hospital bracelets and cap.

I wonder if I will be this sentimental with baby number two?


Not that I am pregnant.

Just a bit sleep deprived today.

Did I mention I have become addicted to the Twighlight books? It kept me up way too late reading. I couldn't stop. I feel like a teenager reading it.

But that is so beyond the point of this post.

The before with crazy bangs...

Checkin out the Barbie Jeep ...

(P.S. the hairstylist had crazy bad hair..i was like u sure u know what u doin' lady?)

First cut...

Sophia I don't think you could be any cuter if you tried!!...

All done! So pretty!

Ooops how did this one get in here?... Edward Cullen. This is who is keeping me up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Few Of Her Favorite Things!

Sophia's Stats:

Weight - 18 pounds 12 ounces

Length - 28.5 inches

Sophia's Adjusted Age:

10 months 3 weeks

Sophia's Mad Skills:

Tries to put her socks on her feet.

Gives kisses to her dolls and to mommy and daddy.

Pretends to write on paper with a pen just like mommy does.

Says hi and eye (more words I'm sure that I haven't deciphered yet)

Loves to play peek a boo, claps, waves

Has a maternal side coming through. Sits her teddy bears on chairs and carries them around in her basket.

Stands alone for 15 seconds or so. (Just yesterday stood up with no assistance from the couch etc. She just went from a sitting position to standing!)

Walks with her push cart

Loves to point at everything

Loves to Dance! Dances as soon as she hears music. Will bounce even when my cell phone rings, so cute!

Says "oooh" and "eww" if she sees something she likes or hears a loud noise or something exciting. Unbelievably cute!

Brushes her hair with her brush

Gets so excited by Lilly our cat that she screams with excitement! Scares poor Lilly to death. She likes to try and sit on her, pull her tail and chase her.

Loves to help mom unload the dishwasher

Wakes up and plays with her teddies in her crib..i don't even know she is awake.

Hates getting her diaper changed and dressed..wiggle worm.

Hates getting her teeth brushed!

Loves to shop and socialize with friends (don't know where she got that from?)

Favorite Foods:

Whole wheat rotini with garlic and classico sauce

Grapes, grapes and more grapes!




Banana and banana cookies

Danino drinkable yogurt (banana flavor of course!)

Quaker oatmeal - maple and brown sugar flavor

And what is a really fun game to play when you are a big one year old??

...why crawling with a towel over your head bumping into things of course! Apparently this is hilarious!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

It's two days later and I am still in shock I have a one year old.

We had so much fun at the party and little miss got way spoiled!

Let's get to the good stuff!

Here for your viewing pleasure are pics from the party!

Birthday Girl!

Butterfly cake! Made by my friend Jeannie

The Babies table!

Place settings

Yummy cupcakes!

Time to make a wish!

Let's celebrate!

It's tiring being the birthday girl!

Giving my new baby doll kisses!!

My new pink car from mommy and daddy!

What a fantastic First Birthday Party!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy First Birthday My Sweet Baby Girl!

Today is your first birthday!!

How can you already be one?

When you turned 11 months my heart started to ache thinking

that you my little baby would soon be one.

Then as the month started passing I started to get excited thinking about how

much you have changed and grown over the months and how you are turning into such a big girl!

It is hard to remember what life was like without you in it.

It feels like you have always been

here and that you were the missing piece in our life.

I love you beyond words can speak.

I don't want to get super mushy because believe me I can.

I could easily start crying just typing all the things I want to say to you.

Just know that you have blessed your mama and dada so much

and we look forward to a life filled with fun and love with you!


Today is your first birthday party!

Your Grama Linda and Grampa Bob came just to celebrate with you!

Your Auntie Sara and Uncle Dave are here too!

Plus all your little friends that we met when you were just 3 months old are here too!

What fun we are having!

Mommy will write soon about all your favorite things to do and post pictures from your party!

For now I just want to enjoy this special day with you and savour every single minute!

I love you my little monkey!!

Here you are on the night before your birthday playing dress up!
You are showing us your new trick of standing all by yourself!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Call Her Rainbow Bright!

Hanging Out With Auntie Sara!
Yay Daddy's Home!

Today Sophia is going to have her first haircut!!

Ok it's more like a bang trim.

But still my heart strings are being pulled!

Her first haircut and her first Birthday all within a few heart can't take it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

6 Random Things Part Deux

I was tagged by my friend Jen at Daily Mish Mash to do a meme of 6 random facts about me.

Then I remembered that I had done this Meme before. So I went back into the vaults of my blog to find it. There it was back in May...when I had only one bloggy friend! Yeah Amanda you know who you are!!

Looking back on my old posts was really cool and made me so glad that i started this blog.

Even though back then I seemed to be wittier and had more time to blog.

Lately I am too busy keeping up with an almost one year old. I don't blog when she is awake anymore only when she is napping, which seems to be less and less.

However if I want to accomplish anything for the day that is when I have to do it. Who needs showers or a clean house? Pshhh I don't. I'm coming to you live with a messy kitchen and bed head!

Soo with out further a do here is my new and exciting 6 random things about me!

If you want to look at my first ever meme click here!

1. My favorite snack in the whole wide world is popcorn popped in olive oil and sprinkled liberally with brewers yeast! It is so beyond tasty! My parents used to make this when we were kids. You may have never even heard of brewers yeast. It is a nutritional yeast full of vitamins and has a cheesy, nutty flavor. Sounds gross but is awesome!

2. If I know someone is coming over I go into a mad panic to clean my house. I can move in warp speed to clean my house when needed!

3. I like my fingernails really short.

4. I am newly obsessed with the toy isles in stores. Ever since we went looking to buy Sophia her first birthday present I have become obsessed. There are so many cool toys! They even have stuff that I loved as a kid. They have the Cabbage Patch Dolls that are the same as when I was young...even the same packaging. I wanted a Cabbage Patch soo bad when I was young. I remember seeing the dolls in their big boxes and drooling. I may have had the same reaction when I saw them a couple days ago. My Cabbage Patch dolls name was Lana Hannah. Do you remember your dolls name??

5. I am sick of cleaning bottles!! They never end.

6. I love watching the show Mad Men. I want to dress like I am a woman from the early 60's. I even want one of those old fashioned Playtex bras. I love the look of the era. I love men in suits.

So how was that for random?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Special Delivery!

Yesterday Sophia received her very first...1st birthday gift in the mail!!

It came all the way from Kansas!

Our awesome, very thoughtful friend Heather over at A Big Boy, A Baby Girl And A Precious Pug sent Sophia a birthday present! Heather has been fighting cancer and somehow through the midst of it all she managed to think of Sophia and send a gift! You rock Heather!!

Thank you so so much for the very fun gift!

I was going to wait and open it on Sophia's actual birthday...but the kid in me couldn't wait!!

Praise Jesus! I love my new toy! hehe...

And guess what happened this morning?

The very first thing she did was go to her toy box and pull out her new toy cell phone!!

I think it is a hit!!

Thanks again Heather, Ella and Skylar!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rockin The 'Pony'

As some of you have noticed Sophia has started rockin' a pony tail!

I love it.

However, her hair is at a funny stage.

I am too sentimental to cut her hair.

She could use a bang trim

But I am too sentimental.

I discovered itty bitty, teeny tiny elastics.

They rock.


Trying to put a teeny tiny 'pony' on a wiggly worm has proved challenging.

She tries to look up and see what I am doing. Then side to side to shake me off.

Hahaha her plan doesn't work.

The 'pony' is in.


I need to master the art of putting on an elastic.

It is harder than it looks.

It made me think... I need to practice braids.

I have never been good with hair.

By the time she can rock a braid I plan to be a braid champion.

(These pictures were taken after a playdate and a refusal of a nap)

I call this look Pebbles...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Very Wordy Wednesday

Part One...


Chris had his MRI follow up yesterday. The news was great, fantastic even amazing! The tumor has not grown. Yipee. But the best part is that the tumor has actually shrunk! They said that this is rare considering the large size and the fact that radiation is meant to keep it from growing not to shrink it. Can I give a holla up to God!!

This brings me to my long winded Part Two....

To celebrate the good news we went for an early dinner at the Keg. Steaks all around. At this point Sophia had reached her limit on the days activities. She had a very short nap in the morning then we picked up Daddy from work and went to the Hospital for his follow up. She couldn't crawl and was a wiggly worm the whole time. She decided that today would be a good day NOT to eat. She does this often. It is enough to make me go insane. So while we are trying to eat our steaks at like 4:00 (we ate with the old people) she would do her high pitch scream, drop all her toys and food, and bang the table loudly. Ahem so I was like "maybe going out to dinner was a bad idea". We inhale our delish meals and go home. She has another short nap. She plays and plays. Surely she must be starving and I try to feed her again. Nope not going to happen. She plays and plays some more. No sign of tiredness. I look at the clock it's almost 10pm. My child is still on high speed energy level. What the heck?! She normally is exhausted by 7:30 - 8pm and is out for the night. I let her play and play some more. I give her a bath it is now almost 11pm. This is so very unlike us. Her routine is out the window (obviously) I lay her down in her crib still awake. She usually would just drift off to sleep. That would be too easy. Tonight she figures would be a good night to execute her 'standing in my crib all night' method. I am beside myself and cant figure out how to get her to sleep. I am exhausted. This 'standing in my crib' plan of hers went on for the whole night...I kid you not. I tried everything. Tried to let her sleep with me. That proved dangerous as she just wanted to crawl off the bed and use me as a drum. Did someone slip my child caffeine??!!!??? This thought went through my head multiple times through the night.

Needless to say Sophia is exhausted and is sleeping. She tried to execute her 'stand in the crib all through nap time' routine but it proved to difficult for her and ended up falling asleep.

I am also exhausted and am rambling on and on and on...sorry about that. I just needed to vent.

But yay for the shrinking tumor!

Ok I am done.

I might be delirious.

She did not just wake up?!!

Yes she did.

Pray for me.