Saturday, March 13, 2010

march smorgasbord

i want to write a post but i've got nothing.

i don't want to leave my blog empty and alone.

i do that enough to it.

so instead i will post a smorgasbord of pictures that are in my march 2010 folder.

there is no skill involved (at all) in these pictures, just fun.

they are blurry and over exposed.

but to me they are special.

and believe me they are not good for my or sophia's ego. is my face really that huge?

March 2010 068

trying to learn how to make fishy faces, haha!

March 2010 071

worst picture of me ever award. i need to learn how to do razzberries more gracefully

March 2010 069

how bout a kissy for your momma???

March 2010 073

no way mom, back it up...

March 2010 074

ha i got one!

March 2010 072

here she is just being cute playing on my chair

March 2010 269

March 2010 273

for some reason i love this photo. little cutie chubby cheeked brooklyn. sophia and her glasses. she loves them. wears them all the time. and will protest if even the smallest amount of sun is shining in her eyes. if i dont have those glasses handy? watch out.

March 2010 153

hoody towel (made lovingly by auntie sara) that matches her duvet cover (made lovingly by me) chic!

March 2010 016

p.s i still can't believe sophia is potty trained. that was too easy. she even wakes up in the night to tell me she has to go. who is this genius child?


Chris said...

Wow! That's super awesome that she wakes you up in the middle of the night. I can't get Jack to stay dry during the day! Please tell your secrets. :)

BabaLinda said...

That's my girls. Love the pics.
The last one with the towel is like a magazine ad for a spa or something...I love you, girls. You are having way too much fun!

Gina Woods said...

Great shots Laura! My fav is Sophia in the sunglasses. Sam keeps his in that little secret pocket you showed me in his car seat. How did I not know that was there for 2 years!

amanda said...

oh how i love me some sophia pics :)

and the potty training? not going to lie - praying and hoping that some day soon are leap into big girl panties goes that smooth. and if not? be prepared for me to kind of "hate" you. i mean not in a mean way or anything. just in a total jealous kind of way :)

xo friend and hope the weekend is happy!

Chelle said...

I totally love these pictures. You both are seriously beautiful!!

And potty training--I still vote for us to come and visit you to learn these secrets :)