Monday, March 15, 2010

on her way


see ya later sweet pea!

sophia just left for a sleepover with auntie sara. i know auntie only lives an hour away. i always dream of time to myself. so why is it so hard to say goodbye? i know she is safe. i know she is going to have a blast. relax laura. enjoy this time. i know that's what i would say to myself if i wasn't myself. so i'm going to relax and figure out something fun for myself to do this evening. thanks auntie sara. you are awesome!! have fun. call me. :)


McMommy said...

I LOVE HER STYLE!!!!!!!! Sophia needs to teach me a thing or two! :)

Chelle said...

Love her!

Seriously--she is so chic--I see a future in modeling :)

Hope you both have fun honey!

Sara Brown said...

Well...what fun we are having together! She ate lots of auntie's pasta for dinner and we watched the entire The Princess and the Frog dang cute! She is sleeping peacefully now (we kinda stayed up late but I told her it was okay cause we were having a girlie sleepover!) Love her to pieces!!! Don't worry mom...enjoy your freedom!

amanda said...

could she be any cuter??? oh i just want to squeeze her up!!

hope you are having a lovely "mommy time out" :)