Thursday, March 18, 2010

ordinary life



taken just before bed tonight by daddy.

(it's too bad we are in front of the iguana part of our alphabet...but that's ordinary life for you isn't it?)


BabaLinda said...

Where do you have the cool poster?
P.S. Tell me what lipstick to buy to look like you.

Becks said...

ha ha mom! the only makeup i am wearing is a joe brand lip gloss... a very light pink...i'll get back to you on the name of it.

and...its not a poster its a whole set of alphabet cards...i got it before sophia was born and just put it up a few weeks ago...its down in our basement/playroom/tv room :)

Gina Woods said...

Cute alphabet cards! I am jealous. Where did you get them?

Allikaye's Mama said...

I meant to say this before...but you have amazing skin! Is that weird? You do though!! So pretty! hehe! And I love those pictures! I need to try and take more ordinary life pics throughout my day! Time is flying by!

amanda said...

oh you girls together? just precious friend.

love these little moments.

and the top one - the way you are looking at her? i can feel the love :)

Chris said...

Love those alphabet cards! How fun.