Sunday, March 7, 2010

zoo day

today we met up with our little buddies.

our little buddies that we have known since they were all 3 months old.

the sun keeps shining in our world.

off to the zoo we go...

March 2010 212

March 2010 167

March 2010 223

March 2010 249


we love our friends.

thank you for a very fun day!


Chelle said...

The cuteness is in every picture!

Seriously--could they be any sweeter?! And I love the one of Sophia walking alone by the plants. You captured such a sweet moment!


Just Bob said...

Laura, such beautiful pictures....You're getting very good at this, keep em coming.

Love Dad

amanda said...

yay for the zoo!! we got a little zoo fix too!! i never knew the zoo could seriously be the best place in the whole wide world!!

and your babe? serious cuteness!

Sara Brown said...

SO the vibrancy of the photos...sweet rainboots Soph!