Friday, March 5, 2010

sunshine and rainbows

...and puddles!!

Sophia and I went out with my sister Sara for the first part of our day.

We did what we do best.

We lunched, coffeed and window shopped.

Once we came home Sophia was ready to get outside and play in the puddles!

We said goodbye to auntie Sara and put on Sophia's new rain boots.

It felt so good to soak up the sunshine and breathe the fresh air


It got a little chilly since the puddles were from melted snow rather than from rain

(Sophia's t-shirt says 'rainbows are hugs in the sky' such an appropriate unplanned shirt for the day)

We loved today.

It was definitely one of those rainbow and sunshine kinda days!



amanda said...

love the boots. the skirt. the shirt. and the girl.

and the sunshine and puddle jumping? bonus and total icing on the cake!

so glad we both are finally able to get some much needed fresh air :)

happy weekend friend!

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

The colour and light in these photos are gorgeous, not to mention the subject of the photos!