Thursday, December 3, 2009

two year olds are funny

Tonight Sophia is sleeping with a wooden spoon and a 'my little pony' comb as companions.

(*she also has her blankie and about 82 stuffed animals, it would be cruel to let her sleep with only a wooden spoon and comb)

So funny.

Who am I to refuse?

She also asked for an alligator.

Since we don't have any alligators I had to decline her request.

Santa may need to bring her a toy alligator because she keeps talking about them.

It's not like I make mention of alligators often.

In fact I hate anything "reptilian".

At breakfast we sit at her little white table to eat. The last few days she has pretended there is an alligator on the floor and then she pretends to squish it with her feet, then she puts the "alligator" on the table to eat breakfast with us.

Umm ok.

I had no idea pretend "friends" started so early.

Not gonna lie it kinda freaks me out.

But on the other hand it makes me happy because she has a very good imagination.

She is always playing make believe.

Today she was pretending that she was shopping.

I asked her what she was shopping for.

She said she was shopping for gum and then started laughing as if that was the funniest thing she has ever heard.

First of all. I don't even buy gum. I don't think I have talked to her about it or what it is.

How does she know this stuff?

She has also told me (on multiple occasions) that there were giants in my room. Wha?! Really?
Sophia please don't scare mommy.

She put a box on her head and put her arms out and said she was a robot.

She pretends to be a mermaid swimming in the water. The water happens to be our rug.

There are so many other things she does daily that I am amazed by.

I really need to start writing down the stuff she does so that my already poor memory can remember.

My little imagination girl.

25 Months 374

She is also very much into lip balm!! And lotion.
She has to put lotion and lip balm on throughout the day.
She comes by it honestly. Her mommy is a lip balm/lotion addict and plus it's dry here.
So you know...we're justified.

25 Months 102

25 Months 103


BabaLinda said...

Remember when you used to say, "I laugh!"
Well, I laugh.
She just kills me. I can't stand it.

Pastor Bob said...

OK Laura, I can't take it any more I must see Sophia soon. Yes, start writing these things down in a diary for future consideration, like black mail when she starts dating.

Love Dad

Ms.Mara said...

I am loving spending time with my baby, but after reading your blog I am really looking forward to my kiddo turning 2! Love your blog, Laura.

Chelle said...

It's too funny what you will find in their beds!

I love her imagination! So sweet and such a wonderful thing to have.

We love lipgloss/lip balm/lotion,'s a serious must-have in this house.


Sara Brown said...

Oh that girl slays me!

amanda said...

they really are funny little people aren't they honey!!

there is never a dull moment with them by your side :)