Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a winter tale

Once upon a time (about two weeks ago) it snowed a crap load.

Snow Day December 2009 012

Snow Day December 2009 016

Sure it was cozy cozy and we soaked it up.

We made gingerbread men and watched Christmas movies, we sang Carols and drank hot cocoa and sipped eggnog.

25 Months 451

Snow Day December 2009 008

We were happy little elves.

But then a week passed and it only got colder and colder.

Momma elf was getting cabin fever.

The gingerbread men were all eaten there was no more eggnog and Christmas Carols started to lose their charm.

This scared Momma elf.

Baby elf wanted to go to Walmart.

The elf's were all getting restless.

But the roads were too treacherous and the weather had reached a low of -32 C (-25.6F)

Our car would not start.

It still will not start.

Pretty sure our block heater is kaput. (is that how you spell that? Momma elf isn't a very good speller)

Luckily our good friends who have a garage (and a block heater that works) came to our rescue yesterday and let us borrow their jeep so we could get much needed groceries!!

Sadly the store was out of eggnog.

Papa elf is letting the car battery thaw on our kitchen counter (or doing something with it) momma elf isn't very car savvy.

Fingers crossed baby elf can go to Walmart tomorrow and momma elf can find eggnog.

Pretty sure after one day of being out in the Christmas shopping mayhem I will be content to stay at home watch Christmas movies and sing Carols again.

But for now...get me outta' here!!


Sara Brown said...

Awsome post momma elf! Wish I lived closer to come and rescue you all! If it is any consullation, I have been cooped up in my office for 12 hours a day working like an elf on Christmas Eve! Only 5 more days until all the elves will be together!

Scrappy Girl said...

Wow that is alot of snow...I love cozy snow days! Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

Those gingerbread men look delicious! :)

BabaLinda said...

I can't believe Momma elf said crap on the internet. ha ha ha

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

I hear from my aunt and in-laws that the weather has been horrible! Get yourself some rum for that eggnog!

Just Bob said...

Sad, sad story for an Elf type person. Especially that the ginger bread cookies were gone, now that is a serious problem. The battery is the first thing to go when the minus, minus temps arrive. So be of good cheer they are replaceable.

Grandpa can't wait to be with his girls in Canmore. Only three more sleeps.

My Little Corner said...

A Crap Load of Snow?....Best comment I've heard in ages....keep writing girl, you do make me chuckle!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Ms.Mara said...

Too funny! Love your blog. Oh, and no more eggnog? Try a little coffee with Baileys...yummm. :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.