Thursday, December 3, 2009

the one about the purple tutu

Sophia loves to dance.

If there is dancing to be had, there is a purple tutu to put on!

There is a show that is aired here in Canada called Toy Castle.

It is creepy.

Sophia adores it.

Auntie Gina will laugh because she knows how creepy I/she thought it was and now my child asks to watch it about 7 times a day.

I have it pvr'd for emergency purposes.

It's a show about a Toy Castle that magically comes to life when the kids are sleeping.

They have creepy voiced over voices and creepy costumes.

Sophia loves it.

Maybe this is where she is getting her vivid imagination.

So the point...I am getting carried away about the creepy show.

Sophia sees that the show is on and runs full speed to her closet while screaming SKIRRRT!

She puts on her purple tutu over whatever she is wearing... jammies, nothing, jeans.

Sophia's dancing basically involves jumping, running in circles and what she calls "stretching".

I call it interpretive dance.

She is so destined to be on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

She received the purple tutu for her birthday.

The friend who made it asked to have a picture of Sophia wearing it, so that she could start a portfolio for selling them.

Anytime I ask Sophia to put on her purple tutu for the purpose of pictures and to actually put on a matching outfit with it her response is "no way Jose".

Ok she doesn't actually say that. But if she knew that phrase that's what she would be sayin' at the top of her lungs!

So for now sorry friend who made it these are the only pics I could get.....

25 Months 039

25 Months 050

24 Months 005

24 Months 009

Also since we are on the subject of the Arts...

Sophia also loves to sing!!

Her favorites to sing include (in no particular order)

-Itsy Bitsy Spider

-Twinkle Twinkle

-This Little Light of Mine

-Jesus Loves Me

-Jingle Bells (this is a big hit)

-Part of Your World -Little Mermaid (This is the only song I know all the words to and I sing it with such fervor and passion) - Sophia knows a few words of this one and will sing along with me.

-Any Christmas song out there ( This makes me realize how very little actual words I know to Christmas songs. I usually make them up or repeat the same line over and over again)

So besides winning SYTYCD she is also going to win a Grammy.

I can just see it now...

(cue dream sequence music)

Sophia telling the media how she started singing when she was only two...

"My biggest inspirations were Ariel and of course my Mother, God bless her. She sang to me since birth. She may never have known the words to the songs she was singing but she sang to me nonetheless. That is truly inspiring, thank you Mother...." - Sophia, famous singer/dancer.

(bubble bursting)

Ahem, it could totally happen.


Sara Brown said...

Ahhh sis...that is an awsome post!

Pastor Bob said...

Dance for me Sophia.


Gina Woods said...

You're such a good writer Laura Lou! And yes, I will have to have a little talk with Sophia about Toy Castle! At least she looks cute in her tutu! When we had tutus, we were not so cute! Well, actually you were....Sara and I ....not so much.

Chelle said...

Ahem. It totally WILL happen!

I love her dancing in the tutu!! And just how this is written so perfectly I was laughing out loud for REALS!

Singing, dancing...I love it all!

ps-that show sounds super creepy to me! Have you seen Yo Gabba Gabba? That show creeps/freaks me out to no end...eek!

BabaLinda said...

Okay, you may win a grammy for stand up comic yourself. You crack me up. You are such a good writer little one....

BabaLinda said...

Did I say grammy...I'm thinkin' emmy...i'm thinkin' I don't know what you call it...oscar? Wasn't that Jackie's cat? Anyway, you could win an award with your witty writing....

amanda said...

pretty sure it will happen friend :)

just make sure she wears her purple tutu when she accepts all her awards!