Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Call Her Rainbow Bright!

Hanging Out With Auntie Sara!
Yay Daddy's Home!

Today Sophia is going to have her first haircut!!

Ok it's more like a bang trim.

But still my heart strings are being pulled!

Her first haircut and her first Birthday all within a few heart can't take it!


Lindsey and Adam said...

Oh my gosh! These pictures=adorable!!
And that vest? Well, let's just say I wish I could get one in my size!!! How come baby clothes are always so much cuter than adult clothes?!

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Good luck Mama! It will be fine. We definitely wants lots of pics though!

Scrappy Girl said...

My Wild Child has those same them! My two cried and cried during their first cut. We have a great salon for kids called cookie cutters. SO kid friendly!

Christy said...

1st birthday? Goodness! What a big girl!

Skyelarke said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!!!

She totally looks like a mini Rainbow Brite with that vest! Just get her a little blue skirt!!! Or is it Punky Brewster she looks like? Too cute.

amanda said...

oh honey how cute is she??

the vest?? the shoes??


can't wait to hear how the bang trim went :)