Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Very Wordy Wednesday

Part One...


Chris had his MRI follow up yesterday. The news was great, fantastic even amazing! The tumor has not grown. Yipee. But the best part is that the tumor has actually shrunk! They said that this is rare considering the large size and the fact that radiation is meant to keep it from growing not to shrink it. Can I give a holla up to God!!

This brings me to my long winded Part Two....

To celebrate the good news we went for an early dinner at the Keg. Steaks all around. At this point Sophia had reached her limit on the days activities. She had a very short nap in the morning then we picked up Daddy from work and went to the Hospital for his follow up. She couldn't crawl and was a wiggly worm the whole time. She decided that today would be a good day NOT to eat. She does this often. It is enough to make me go insane. So while we are trying to eat our steaks at like 4:00 (we ate with the old people) she would do her high pitch scream, drop all her toys and food, and bang the table loudly. Ahem so I was like "maybe going out to dinner was a bad idea". We inhale our delish meals and go home. She has another short nap. She plays and plays. Surely she must be starving and I try to feed her again. Nope not going to happen. She plays and plays some more. No sign of tiredness. I look at the clock it's almost 10pm. My child is still on high speed energy level. What the heck?! She normally is exhausted by 7:30 - 8pm and is out for the night. I let her play and play some more. I give her a bath it is now almost 11pm. This is so very unlike us. Her routine is out the window (obviously) I lay her down in her crib still awake. She usually would just drift off to sleep. That would be too easy. Tonight she figures would be a good night to execute her 'standing in my crib all night' method. I am beside myself and cant figure out how to get her to sleep. I am exhausted. This 'standing in my crib' plan of hers went on for the whole night...I kid you not. I tried everything. Tried to let her sleep with me. That proved dangerous as she just wanted to crawl off the bed and use me as a drum. Did someone slip my child caffeine??!!!??? This thought went through my head multiple times through the night.

Needless to say Sophia is exhausted and is sleeping. She tried to execute her 'stand in the crib all through nap time' routine but it proved to difficult for her and ended up falling asleep.

I am also exhausted and am rambling on and on and on...sorry about that. I just needed to vent.

But yay for the shrinking tumor!

Ok I am done.

I might be delirious.

She did not just wake up?!!

Yes she did.

Pray for me.


Scrappy Girl said...

That is great news on the tumor...I can only imagine the feeling of joy and thanks that you felt!

I can totally feel your pain in regards to the dining out experience. Our two little ones have been known to be terrors in restaurants. One time they both just cried THE WHOLE TIME! Argh.

Happy October!

Chelle said...

Great new about the tumor shrinking...I am really happy to read that happy news :)

I am so sorry she doesn't want to eat. Or sleep. Or follow her routine. Those days are never easy! Sendig some sleepy vibes your way ;)

amanda said...

yay for the shrinking tumor!! that's wonderful news honey!!

and sooo sorry about the routine being off - we were off yesterday and are still trying to recover today!

i also remember the standing up routine during sleepy time - i was soooo exhausted. i kept going in again and again laying her back down. i finally gave up.

i know they need to learn - but it makes me sooo tired sometimes!!

hang in there buddy - sending happy vibes your way :)

chris said...

Oh, babies are such powerful little creatures in their own way. Glad you were able to vent.

And that is terrific news about the tumor!

Skyelarke said...

Praise God for the shrinking tumour! I am so thankful!

All the pics of Sophia are just so cute! She's a real darling.