Thursday, March 10, 2011

its all about the collages

i got all gussied up today for my bible study and then found out it was cancelled. sad face. so what's a girl to do with herself? take pictures of her cute scarf and cute earrings and make silly faces and then proceed to make a collage. sophia and grama had a date to go swimming and make soup. besides my impromptu photo shoot i also grabbed a coffee to go and went window shopping where i proceeded to drool and torture myself by looking at all the ridiculously adorable items that i can't have. thank you homesense.


another impromptu photo session took place the other day. i have a gazillion kajillion pictures of my sweet honey child but barely any of me. i cringe at seeing myself in photos and would like nothing more than to never see my self in one again. however i know one day i will want to see myself with my girl. at this moment i may not think i look good. i may criticize my self way too much and complain about the acne that decided to come late in life. but one day i may have acne and wrinkles and i will think hey i looked pretty good for being a chubby acne prone 31 year old.


and this little beauty? what can i say other than that she is awesome.

dont let people freak you out about what the different ages bring. that is all silly scare tactics. every age has it's challenges and learning curves. i still have them. i call it the terrible 31's. every year she grows and i grow and we figure it out together. it's the best job in the world it's also the most tiring confusing self doubting exhilarating heart bursting love swooning job in the world. there are days where i feel like i am the biggest failure on planet earth and then bedtime comes around and we read and pray and chat and giggle and all the hard times of the day melt away and you know everything is going to be alright. in those moments i know i am not totally ruining her life and in fact i know i am doing a good job.



bethany said...

Laura, I think you are one hot mama and you are pretty darn tootin' photogenic, too! I've been thinking lately that I don't take enough pictures of me with my babe, and she'll probably really want to see us together someday. Maybe she'll even put us on her wall. So keep shootin' and keep smokin' in your awesome mama-ness!!!!

amanda said...

a) you are adorable

b) little miss is adorable

c) i so wish you lived closer. for real.