Thursday, March 24, 2011

the kind of jewellery i enjoy

i have drooled over allora handmade's necklaces for a very long time.

i love them.

one day i had a light bulb moment.

i can make those for myself!

i also found the cutest earrings on etsy.

and again i thought i can make those myself.

so i did


here is my allora knock off in my signature color. i love it.


i cant wait to get more fabric and make more! i have never made jewelery before so it was really fun for me. i figured out how to make a chain and clasp right in michaels. snuck a read in a jewelery making book and taught myself on the spot and then bought the supplies.

i have a few more earrings in the works and a cute spring headband for sophia, stay tuned!


Krystyn said...

Wow! That's impressive. And, super cute, too.

amanda said...

uhm how about i send you the fabric i bought when i thought i would get all crafty and try my hand at these?? bc seriously i am just not that cool!!

honey it looks awesome!!

ps - and the earrings?? obsessed!! i got almost everyone on my christmas list one of those rings! except me!!

pps - and when might your etsy store be opening?

danielle @ take heart said...

um. that necklace! be still my heart. must have a tutorial for those roses!!