Monday, March 28, 2011

on girlyness

it is innate

she is all about pink

she cant get enough of dresses and dress up

sparkly shoes

or play makeup

don't get me wrong she is not only about those things

she can play in the dirt with the best of them

she would love nothing more than to be outside from morning to night

looking for worms and making puddle soup

i love the two sides

but there is no denying

sophia is a girly girl

from the drama to the attitude to the sweetness that is her

she is definitely all girl


i bought her her very own nail polish kit
she took to it like a pro star
wow, how are you so good at that??
i mean i guess her mother is an esthetician
but i was mesmerized with her
the focus, the dedication to do it perfectly
she even bejewelled

she keeps the set on her bookshelf now
lines it up just so

i walked into her room today and saw how she set it up herself
a dishtowel was layed out
all the supplies lined up
a crooked attempt at closing the bottle lid tight

melt my heart



amanda said...

LOVE it!!

and the little toes?? edible!!

danielle @ take heart said...

she is so sweet. love the frills of little girls!

Krystyn said...

Oh, the sweet girliness! It's perfect.

(I have to pretend we don't have polish, or I'm painting 20 fingers and 20 toes!)

Ms.Mara said...

So darn cute! I can't wait until Elysia is old enough to enjoy things like that.