Friday, December 17, 2010

holly jolly

sophia meet santa....santa meet sophia.

today was a big day for sophia. it was the first time she got to meet santa and have her picture taken with him. she was very excited. she brought her little purse. inside her purse she carried a mini snow white, mini princess belle and a strawberry shortcake doll. she knew that santa would really love them.
it was meticulously thought out on her part. she wanted to wear her gumboots and a cream sweater. have i mentioned she is bossy three and very opinionated? that's ok she has good taste. she also really loves having braids and wants to grow her hair forever just like tangled. i am never allowed to cut it again, not even her bangs. this could be trouble.

yes, i did take pictures of a picture. i don't have a scanner.

a couple days ago we made our traditional pearson gingerbread. best ones around i tell ya!

kung fu sophia was ready to go! was ballerina sophia.

bad hair day for us both. but we had fun!!

she definitely takes after me!

sneaking in kisses

more dough, can't get enough!

clean up time!
have to let the dough chill for a few hours. seems like an eternity for a three year old!

forcing her to look at me while she does "dishes". the teenage years are going to be fun!

the hours have passed and the cookies are ready to go in the oven.
(newly aquired ariel bandaid for a her pretend owie. she would be covered in bandaids if i let her!)

waiting so patiently

*note to self - clean the oven window

our yummy finished product. loaded up with *smarties of course!! the only way to eat them in the pearson household.

*smarties are a canadian chocolate candy. i have heard in the states they have a candy named smarties but it is chewy? these smarties are delish and don't melt or crack in the oven like m&m's would. also they are a little sweeter than m&m's.

come over to my house and you can try them and have an eggnog latte too!


Anonymous said...

Sophia looks so adorable in her cute little outfit sitting on Santa's lap. What a little doll!
Laura, you are such a good patient Mommy. Those are some good looking cookies, but don't tell Sophia that I would take the Smarties off, sorry.
So happy to see both of you a couple weeks ago.
Love, Aunt Manuela

Becks said...

Thanks Aunt Manuela! It was so nice seeing you as well a couple weeks ago. It was to fast though!! We need more time to catch up and visit.

Sophia loved being with Santa and they way they do it is so awesome. I stand near the photographer and I tell him info about Sophia and then the photographer feeds the info into Santa's ear peice he is wearing. Very high tech. Sophia was enthralled! It was an all around great experience. She even got to walk away with a stuffed animal from Santa.

BTW- I won't tell Sophia you won't eat the smarties ;) You made me remember that there is another kind of smarties in the states. These ones are chocolate and so good! I edited that on my blog to spare any confusion. I wouldn't want people to think I am putting chewy candies on the gingerbread. That would be weird. ;)

Love ya!

Saundra said...

Laura the gingerbread cookies look wonderful, wish we were there to enjoy them with you both.

That sounds like such a great visit with Santa. I love how excited the girls get about all the little things now.

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

So Christmassy! I am jealous! Sophia is as adorable as always. You have a real keepsake photo for her first visit with Santa.

amanda said...

so glad you added the footnote to clear up the smarties thing bc for real that sounded a little silly!!

but little miss on santas lap?? edible!! honey just edible!

happiest of holidays friend :)