Monday, December 13, 2010

sophia's first preschool christmas concert

last thursday sophia had her first school concert!

what a joy seeing her and all her class buddies walk into the gymnasium with their santa hats on all dressed in their best. it was a large crowd to perform to. there was 4oo or so other parents watching.

me and my little camera (that *ahem* got dropped and broke earlier in the day by a certain three year old) were ready to capture the special moment. the video isn't that clear and quite wobbly. i didn't want to watch her while looking through the camera so i did my best just free holding.

and YES she is chewing gum.....parenting fail!! let me explain. so the concert was at 4:00 and when it came time to get ready she was not in the mood to get dressed or have her hair brushed. the clock was ticking and i succumbed to bribing her with the only thing i can...gum! you see back at halloween i gave her a sucker. a sucker that i didn't realize had gum inside. a little later i noticed she was chewing something. i asked her "is that still the sucker?" she said she didn't know and showed me what was in her mouth. gum! well she couldn't have been prouder or happier that *she* was chewing gum. in the past i always told her that gum is only for big kids and she had to be at least five. anyways she was co cute chomping away on her gum i let her keep it in her mouth with the wise words of...if you take it out of your mouth and get it stuck somewhere she could never have gum again. fear never hurts right? haha. the few times she has had it she has been great with it and has had no problems. so back to my story. i gave her the gum to get ready and i told her we have to throw it away once we were at school. i dropped her off in her class and in all the crazy commotion i totally forgot she still had the gum. i didn't remember until that exact moment on the video where you hear me say it. so funny!! i can't believe she is chewing gum at her first school concert. my little gum chewing chomper girl!

i will leave you with a funny quote sophia said when she first chewed gum " this gum takes forever to chew".

yes it does sophia, yes it does!

how fun is it being three by the way? and how fun is it to be a three year olds momma!!


Allikaye's Mama said...

So cute! I love that we have concert girls this year!! And the gum...hilarious! Makes for that much better of a memory!! I love it!!
Such a pretty girl you have! xoxo

Sara Brown said...

Love the new you! Love the videos as well...I promise Sophia....auntie will always have gum;)

amanda said...

awwwww :)

ps - and the new layout is simply lovely!!