Wednesday, December 22, 2010

o little town of bethlehem

- a play by sophia.

cutest mary i ever did saw

here is the manger scene...
baby jesus is wrapped in swaddling clothes.
the bowl of m&m's is frankincense.
the rock is myrrh
my big ol ring is the gold
the cream blanket is hay
the cheetah stuffie is a monkey (ok she strayed a bit from the story there)

my sweet mary

sophia grace you blew me away when you did this all by yourseslf!
there was no help from us.
your imagination is awesome.
your spririt even brighter.
you followed the star (our ceiling spotlight)

you know this story.
you were all about being mary and taking care of your baby jesus.
you had the blanket out waiting for his arrival so you could wrap him in swaddling clothes.

i had to go get grama and grampa so that they could witness your awesomeness.

we then all played a part in your play.
mommy, daddy and grama were wisemen.
grampa was a shepherd.

you touched us all with your beautiful little play.

a wonderful christmas memory.

something we will never forget.


fionafae said...

The pic on FB was great already, but now that I've seen this, it is even more awesome!!! I am blown away; what a special and sweet little girl you have ;)
This post has made me all teary, Laura!
What a treasured memory this will be for all Christmases to come! <3 <3 <3

BabaLinda said...

if blogs had contests you would win a gold star for this one

Kristi Ferguson said...

I think you may possibly have the sweetest child on earth. This is adorable.

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

OMGoodness! I could totally take those pics and put them on my blog and everyone would think they were Ella! Our girls look sooooo much alike it is crazy! Especially in those pictures! How freaky! And lucky for us, they act very much alike also:) I so wish we lived closer so they girls could play together!

Gina Woods said...

Sophia, you are the sweetest little girl! You brought a tear to your aunty's eye! I love you!

Anonymous said...

this great auntie has a tear too. Sophia, I mean Mary, what a treasure you are and mommy will help you remember this every Christmas. Love you bunches! Auntie Sandra

Anonymous said...

Sophia is the cutest, sweetest Mary I have ever seen! Laura, you have to be so proud of your little angel.

Merry Christmas to you all!
Love, Aunt Manuela

amanda said...


simply priceless friend!

hope the holiday has been simply magical :)

Anonymous said...

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danielle @ take heart said...

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