Monday, September 13, 2010

the eve of pre-school

twas the night before pre-school, when all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

the backpack was packed by the door with care,
in hopes that the school bus would soon be there.

sophia was nestled all snug in her bed,
while visions of school books danced in her head.
and mama with her handkerchief had just settled her brain
to realize her baby girl is GOING TO PRE-SCHOOL!!!!!

back in the day (feels like yesterday, where did my baby go? seriously holding back tears over here) when she would let me pose her in pretty fall sweaters! Sophia at 8 months


now this is what i get....


and this...


(the above pictures were taken last thursday when we went for sophia's orientation. she got to meet her teachers ms. barbara and ms. linda and see her classroom)

she better pose for me her new outfit!! thank you auntie sara for the early birthday present!! i am going to make sophia wear that vest every day of her life. (i found those cute ankle booties at walmart, holla!)


she is all set with her new lunch box and backpack!! the lunch box came all the way from europe! thank you grama and grampa! the backpack is from sophia's friend alex in calgary! he knows how much sophia loves strawberry shortcake :)


thumbs up for pre-school!!


too excited to sleeeeeeeeep!


pretending to sleep. she told me to make the picture dark and take a picture of her "sleeping". she is a very good actress. we had a lot of fun tonight before bed talking about the next day. we took a million silly pictures. we laughed so hard because every picture we took her eyes are ALWAYS closed. the only two where her eyes are open i posted.


yesterday i asked her what she would like as a special first day of pre school dinner. i told her she could choose anything she wanted. she replied that she would like "apples, chicken and peanut butter".

i love you sophia grace. tomorrow is a big day for both of us.
not gonna lie i am looking forward to the two hours of "me time" but at the same time it is really really hard letting you go. it means you are no longer in any way my little baby. that is hard for this momma to deal with. i have never left you somewhere other than a family members house. this is it. you are now in the world of learning to fend for yourself. momma won't be there to run to if you are nervous or scared or intimidated. there will be 17 other kids in your class. gulp. i hope you won't get lost in the shuffle. in groups you get so quiet. you tend to shy away and let other kids get their way. i want you to be brave and confident. i want your teachers and new friends to see what a sweet, creative, unique little girl you are! i know they will. how could they not. you are amazing. i am so blessed to be your momma!


Cathie said...

Laura, you had me first laughing out loud and then teary eyed ... this is such a big step for all of you, the first of many, and if Sophia's time with Makenna last Friday is any indication... you have prepared your girl well. I giggled to hear that Sophia's teachers are Ms. Barbara and Ms. Linda - say them both real quick and you almost get... BabaLinda! Blessings upon all of you this morning.

BabaLinda said...

That's our girl!
I can't wait to see the pics from this morning when she was actually wearing that adorable little outfit from Aunty. She looked very schoolgirlish....
Waiting for the next posts with all the new stories!

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

Sophia is a such a sweetie. I wish her a very happy day at preschool! Enjoy your two hours!

Sara Brown said...

Oh I feel the same way...she is growing up too quickly! I am going to have to prepare myself to talk about boys with her way too soon! Hope she did well and didn't miss her momma too you!

amanda said...

oh how i love the look back at little sophia :)

and man do i know that pose on the floor...i have seen it waaay to many times!!

can't wait to hear all about the first day mama!! i am so proud of both of you :)


Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh my goodness...where have I been!? I haven't visited in so long!!! Workin stinks! I love this post! I cried. They can't be starting school! NO!!! I love your poem...I love the pictures...I love all the past posts too! Sorry I have been an MIA blog friend!
Oh - and Facebook friends for sure! I will search for you!