Tuesday, September 14, 2010

big day

she did it!!

we woke up bright and early and started our day.

first up we had blueberry pancakes. sophia made a special request for them the night before. she ate, she got ready in her special new outfit then it was picture time!



i brought her to her class. we met a few new friends as we waited outside the classroom waiting to be let in. we were early birds.

it was busy. so many kids. so many parents. all excited and nervous. we found her little hook and cubby. we put away her backpack and switched her into her indoor shoes. next we lined up to wash her hands. we then found her name tag and found a spot at the coloring table. i told her i loved her and i would see her after class (just like we practiced). she was cool. she said "ok mom" and we hugged and off I went holding down the lump in my throat that was dying to come out.

11:30 arrived and i promptly greeted sophia out on the play ground. as i was walking up to the play area i could see lots of kids playing and running about. i looked and looked but i couldn't see sophia. hmmm i thought. she must be inside the playhouse. as i got closer the teacher stepped aside and wouldn't you know it sophia was standing right there next to her. she was just standing there and playing with the rocks. i gave her the biggest hug i could but she was just kinda being cranky and furrow browed. I eventually got the smiles from her and giggles and all was well again. i asked her teacher ms. barbara how she did. she said she was very good and that she was always right behind her. she said that every time she turned around sophia was right there. "Oh" i said "she was your shadow for the day (welcome to my world!)" the teacher laughed and said "yes, i kept calling her my silhouette". we said goodbye and got all her things.

here is her classroom (ms. barbara is kneeling at the table)


on our way out sophia showed me the class gerbil. not sure what his name is yet.


we said goodbye to the schoolbus that she really wants to ride on



the funny thing with preschool is you don't get a play by play from the teachers. you dont get much. what you do get is cryptic bits and pieces from your child. i learned that she got two tinkerbell stamps on her hands for listening. they read an alligator book and got to touch a real alligator (it was a toy but this is sophia's version). she ate her snack. and that's about all i got.

as the day went on i got a little more info. she made a friend named sarah.

it wasn't until bedtime that i got the real deal. and it made my heart a bit sad.

she told me that she was sad because she missed me. she said when she was coloring she cried because i wasn't there. (heartbreaking). i told her how proud i was of her and that she did it without me and that it will get easier every time.

she then told me she didn't want to play on the playground. she wanted to play on the grass. i said well im sure that would be ok if she wanted to do that. sophia told me "no, the teacher said i couldn't". "ohhhh" i said. it all came clear in my head...that was why she was out of sorts when i picked her up. she said "i was just standing on the rocks and i was bored, i didn't talk to anyone" (had to hold back my tears and the urge to promptly pull her out of preschool and keep her home safe with me). i told her that it was ok she didn't want to play on the playground but she should try and that she might like it. i let her know that she was a good girl for listening to her teacher and following the rules.

day one. we already learned a life lesson. she will get stronger from it all. she will get braver. i know she will. she is not the type that will just run off and play and mingle. it intimidates her and she gets very shy. i just have to trust that the teachers are sensitive to her and that they will help her grow more comfortable with the big group environment.

i just hope she is still excited about going again on thursday. it might be harder the second time around you never know. fingers crossed!!

and if you were wondering what i did while she was at school?? i went to my new/old favorite place. value village. that's right. i am addicted to thrift shopping again. most of sophia's clothes are second hand these days. you can get the best stuff for so cheap. love it. i also went grocery shopping for our chicken, apples and peanut butter dinner. but we ate it at lunch ;) i also made monkey bread. so dangerous and so good!!!




Young Pop Sophisticate said...

Wah! You're makin' this momma cry, lil Sophia, what with your loneliness at colouring time!

Laura, you are doing SO GREAT with her. I am learnin' a few things from you!

amanda said...

oh mama...so sorry for the first day "bumps in the road". i promise it will get better. really. promise.

she will get stronger. she will get braver. and so will you :) bc truthfully as hard as we think these little transitions are for our little loves, i secretly think they are ten billion times harder on us! our little loves bounce back so much faster than we do!

here's to thursday being all sorts of perfect :)

xo mama

Saundra said...

Hi there, love all of the pictures, she growing up so fast.

Gina Woods said...

Yay Sophia for being such a big girl! You will be a preschool prostar in no time at all. Sam says the playground is lots of fun and you should try it just to see. He also thinks your monkey bread looks delicious! He said he wants to "eat it off the screen!" hee hee!
We are proud of you Sophia and we love you!