Thursday, August 26, 2010

tortilla maker

i am just trying this new blog look out.
what i wanted (when i ended up ruining my old layout) was bigger pictures. i think i got it. they are huge. but i think i like it?
i ran out of room on my free flickr account months ago and was losing pictures. so i switched to photobucket and the photo comes in one size. big. so i got what i wanted. i just want to know how to keep this size photo and keep the width of the column but be able to choose a cute background. Anyone out there know any of those tricks?? i'm all ears :)

lately sophia and i have been making homemade tortilla's. it is so simple. i quite possibly could eat homemade tortilla's all day long and need nothing else. ok maybe some butter to go with them. when i was growing up my birthday dinner was always my mom's homemade bean burritos. they are amazing. i am passing on the tradition to sophia. she is such a little helper when i bake and she loves to sprinkle the flour out onto the counter and roll out her own tortilla. i love cooking with her. i could do without the huge mess of flour left on the counters when we are done however.

chris captured a picture of us the other day. and although it is not a great photo it still captures a moment that i will always remember.
me and my tortilla maker.


we will be heading to kimberley to meet sophia's great grandma who is arriving from the philippines. it is going to be a great little family reunion. sophia is very excited. we will also be stopping into Calgary for a few days on our way home. we will be staying with friends. i am very excited to be able to see our friends for a few days. looking very much forward to our little trip. we will have lots to catch up on once we are back. see you soon!


amanda said...

a) LOVE the new layout. like for real friend. LOVE!!

b) you make your own tortillas?? might we get in on the secret??

c) you two are adorable :)

d) and now i know where you are off to!! so. so. so exciting for all of you!! have a great trip friend!


BabaLinda said...

I love this picture.
You look so ethnic and pretty....