Friday, September 17, 2010

first week wrap up

day two of pre school was a success!

she was a little nervous in the morning but once we got her settled into class she was all smiles and gave me a big kiss and we said our goodbyes.

when i picked her up she was still playing near the teacher instead of on the playground but she was very relaxed and all smiles. did my heart good!

grampa set up a bonfire tonight in our backyard so sophia could have her first campfire and smores experience. let me tell you someone was excited!!

so was mommy ;)





the sugar high has hit!!


while we roasted our marshmallows i kept enjoying our amazing yard. it was raining and the yard looked so lush and beautiful (we had our bonfire in the gazebo).


so we made it through her first week of preschool. we had some bumps and bruises along the way and we are still adjusting. sophia has just been out of sorts all week. she has been full of attitude and defiance with me. it's been a long week to say the least. i am hoping she will be back to her old self and that it is just an adjustment period and not...dare i say it what three is going to be like, gulp!! speaking of the big three. my mom and i have come up with a very fun birthday idea for the little miss! i am excited and i will share it with you soon. for now take a moment and visit grama's blog to see what else we have been up to this week


amanda said...

when we come for our visit i am never going to leave...that backyard? dude it's amazing!!

i am so happy to hear that day two went so much better! happy happy dance :)

transitions are rough...but i know things will eventually even out. (this is me silently willing three to not be "that" bad for both of us)

ps - her hat? adorable!!

Gina Woods said...

OK, did mom make that hat?? because Lola totally needs one just like it! It will match their already matching outfits! Too cute.