Friday, July 16, 2010

sunny days in the sandbox

grampa bob built sophia her own private beach.

her very own sandbox that is!

i highly recommend every parent get their child a sandbox.

you want a little quiet time to yourself?

get a sandbox!

sophia will play in it it is fabulous!!

she has quite the sweet set up outside. sandbox and pool right next to each other. we haven't done anything else the last few days but play on the deck. the weather has been perfect. not too hot (where i start to lose it). just right.

the only problem with a sandbox? sandy floors. i feel like we live at the beach because I am constantly sweeping up sand, sand in the bathroom, sand in the sink, sand in clothes...

a small price to pay for the happiness it brings my sophia!

Thanks grampa bob we love it xo

July 2010 047

July 2010 049

pretty new sun hat from grama

July 2010 052

July 2010 079

July 2010 082

showing her real colors....cheeesy smile face

July 2010 068

July 2010 072


Just Bob said...

Got a lot of mileage out a simple sandbox!

Saundra said...

That is so great. She is getting so big, hard to believe they are almost 3. Hope to see you this summer.

Sara Brown said...

Oh such sweet pictures....she is changing so fast! Can't wait to see you soon!

Sara Brown said...
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Chris said...

She is so sweet! And a cutie too. :)

amanda said...

honey she seriously just keeps getting more and more beautiful!!

hope your day was happy :)

Anonymous said...

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