Saturday, July 3, 2010

like grandfather like granddaughter

who doesn't dig in the dirt wearing a pink skirt??

she is so in love with her grampa!

always always wants to do what grampa is doing.

full of a million questions for him.

"what you doin' gwampa"?

"why you diggin' that gwampa"?

"momma i wanna see what gwampa doin"

grampa's helper

grampa's little helper focusing on the task at hand

digger girl 2

she is also his garden fairy, flitting all around and exploring his garden.


makes my heart happy.


Young Pop Sophisticate said...

The last picture is gorgeous. Sophia is so lucky to have so many adoring fans.

amanda said...

adorable friend.

there is nothing sweeter than watching a little girl in pink play in her garden :)

Sara Brown said...

Beautiful photos...our little tinkerbell

Ms.Mara said...

I love your pictures! Sophia looks so cute.